Letters to the Editor

  • A True Public Servant

    To the Editor: Upon the occasion of her retirement, we want to add to the many well wishes and thanks to Janet Woycik for her service to the town of Newtown for over the past 30 years.

  • Lighthouse Festival Casts Its Light On Newtown

    To the Editor: We can’t begin to express our thanks to the thousands of you in the Newtown Community who brought your own inner light to our Lighthouse Festival on Saturday. If you didn’t bring it with you, it appears you found a bit of light while there: the smiles and joy on children and adults alike were omnipresent.

  • Moving Ahead With Health Care Despite State Cuts

    To the Editor: Last week, the Connecticut State Legislature voted to approve the governor's budget that includes $550 million in funding cuts to hospitals in the state. At Western Connecticut Health Network, our patients, employees and communities will feel the $30 million cut to our operating budget over a two-year period. We are now forced to reexamine our ability to offer community programs that, sadly, affect people who most need care, reduce staff who dedicate their lives to serve others, and continue to scrutinize our operations to find any opportunity to stretch our dollars to preserve our mission.

  • Proud Of Our Community

    To the Editor: It is now six months since 12/14/12. That day, that terrible day when 26 families were shattered and our community was traumatized in ways that we are only beginning to come to grips with. The wounds suffered by our children, their parents, educators, first-responders and others will take many years to heal. We already see that we were all affected by this horror in our own unique ways. Some of us will be able to move on with our lives, while some will struggle with the consequences for a long time. What is undeniable is that we have all been affected. In this way, regardless of our zip code, we are all Sandy Hook.

  • Thanks To The Volunteers

    To the Editor: The Newtown High School Library Media Center would like to publicly thank our community volunteers for the many hours they contributed this past school year. Our volunteers are Roberta Ahuja, Barbara French, and Mark Malia. Their services have been invaluable, and we gratefully acknowledge their commitment to our school.

  • A Thank You To Newtown Students

    To the Editor: This Thursday has been declared “Thank You Thursday” by Newtown High School’s Principal’s Advisory Council (PAC). PAC would like the entire school to take an opportunity to say thank you to someone who has impacted them in a positive way. This is my thank you to Newtown students.

  • The Police Commission’s Costly Obsession With Queen Street

    To the Editor: What started as a legitimate effort to calm traffic on Queen Street has now turned into a fiasco. First two speed bumps, then three, and now five are planned. Ten-mile-an-hour speed signs were posted. Now we learn that the Police Commission wants to make sure no driver can go more than 25 MPH in between the speed bumps. Do any other roads in Newtown have that objective?

  • Another Successful Lobsterfest

    To the Editor: The officers and members of Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire & Rescue Co. would like to thank our family, friends, fellow firefighters, residents of Newtown and out-of-town guests for helping to make our 26th annual Lobsterfest a success. The rain did not hold people away on Friday night, as it remained steady. Saturday was busy, but we were able to feed the entire crowd.

  • Second Amendment Needs An Update

    To the Editor: I have tried, it seems in vain, to explain to some folks the need for changing the language of the Second Amendment. This time I will examine the question in such terms that even a caveman can understand me. If asking an NRA follower if everyone should be allowed atomic weapons, he would probably say that I have lost it. Well certainly if not atomic weapons, then we should be allowed to keep tanks. But that is not practical or possible would be the reply. Then how about machine guns, laser weapons or tasers. Ah, they would say this we can discuss. But no, we can’t. They have just been asked to draw a line somewhere as to which weapons would be ok and which are not. In other words, there is a line which we cannot cross as a civilized people without causing possibly all kinds of havoc.

  • Obama Ignores The Constitution

    To the Editor: A few years ago the Democrat Party had as their central message the trampling of the Constitution by the Republicans. The good news is that at least the Republicans knew we had a Constitution. I don’t think anyone in the White House knows that document is still in existence. Obama has presided over an IRS that is engaged in the profiling of Tea Party organizations and a Justice Department that has decided to dig into the telephone records of the press. We can forget his former Secretary of State, saying, “What difference does it make…” when asked to comment on the loss of American lives at an embassy?