Letters to the Editor

  • An Outpouring Of Support

    To the Editor: The wonderful outpouring of support for the 38th annual book sale to benefit the C.H. Booth Library has insured once again that the Friends of the C.H. Booth Library can fulfill its mission of generously funding the acquisitions, programs, and enhancements in library service we residents of Newtown so enjoy and expect. The large cadre of devoted and indefatigable book sale volunteers deserve our deep thanks for sustaining this perennially successful town event.

  • A Huge Waste Of Taxpayer Money

    The town should take the same approach to Queen St that they have taken for the road that we live on, which hasn’t cost the town a penny. The speed limit on our road is 15mph and no one breaks it. Here’s the trick - our road hasn’t been resurfaced in 30 years. Its full of cracks and potholes, the curbs are falling apart. It is impossible to go over 15 mph without ruining your car’s suspension.

  • Losing A Sense Of Transparency

    Dear All, I have noticed, and recently mentioned, the FHA’s growing lack of lack of transparency. The “minutes” of a July 9th meeting of our subcommittee, for example, as delivered and posted, were effectively blank. They mention that the meeting began at 8:30 am, that there was “discussion,” and that, at 9:30 am, those present voted “unanimously,” to adjourn. It was not the fault of the minute-taker. She was doing her job. It is the authority’s new penchant for secrecy — coupled with a reluctance to ask questions or to look at documents closely and to keep accurate records — that accounts, I think, for our “failure” to carry out our mandate and our eagerness to rush into projects that may be briefly profitable to their proposers but will, from beginning to end, cost Newtown taxpayers enormous sums, ruin the campus, and leave our successors with more to clean up and remediate, more expensively and less safely, than what we have now.

  • E-Z Pass For Queen Street?

    To the Editor: Perhaps eliminating the humps and converting lower Queen Street into a toll road would reduce traffic sufficiently to satisfy residents, who naturally would have scanable resident ID cards, as has been suggested by a previous writer. For the rest of us E-Z Pass toll collection readers and video cameras would allow passage.

  • Queen’s Street’s Big Picture Needs A Regional View

    To the Editor: Editorial Ink Drops July 19, 2013, indicated that over a year ago you encouraged a “comprehensive strategy to address traffic problems in the center of town.” You mention that among past recommendations, including those in the 2006 “Queen Street Area Traffic Improvement Plan,” speed tables were suggested. You also allude to the fact that a lack of money has prevented “as with all grand plans” anything from moving forward. All agree that a larger project is needed to solve the problems. May I suggest that you take that broader view that you suggest. Make some positive specific recommendations.

  • Annoying and Dangerous

    To the Editor: I am wondering what the thought process was which had two temporary traffic lights installed in the Underhill Road area on Wednesday. Center Street is now closed to through traffic due to bridge construction on I-84, and local residents must travel the “long” way through Underhill Road to Alpine Drive, and back. There are now two traffic lights installed: one in the middle of Underhill Road, between intersections of Round Hill and Center Street, and the other between two bridges on Alpine Drive, several hundred feet before the intersection of Underhill Rd.

  • Four Dollar Gas Is Here

    To the Editor: Citizens rejoice; four dollar gas is here. We’ve waited so long for this happy moment, and finally it has come as promised. Happy days are here again. It’s time to send the thank you notes to our Hartford and Washington legislators who are always thinking of us – once again they have given it to us; aren’t we lucky?

  • Failure Of Fairfield Hills

    To the Editor: In June of 2001, a town meeting approved the purchase of Fairfield Hills and subsequently the bonding of $21.7, million dollars. In 2005 a master plan was put in place for the Fairfield Hills Authority to implement. The plan had specific objectives, including a town hall, seven playing fields, effective mothballing of buildings and scheduled revenue from leasing buildings. The Master Plan was to be reviewed after five years It is now 2013 and how have they done?

  • Right Vs Left And Right Vs Wrong

    To the Editor: Politics and ideologies aside, the recent verdict in the George Zimmerman trial is indefensible on several levels. Where have we descended as a society, and as a culture, when a man with a gun and an “attitude” can ignore the specific directives of local police not to leave his vehicle, then stalk an unarmed teenager, become involved in an unnecessary (and ill-advised) physical confrontation, end up shooting and killing the victim at point blank range, and subsequently be acquitted by a jury?

  • Is The School Board A Closed Shop?

    (The following letter to the Newtown Board of Education has been received for publication.) Last week I sent the following email to each member of the Board of Education. Not one of the seven members has acknowledged it or responded. Hopefully some of them read The Newtown Bee so I am submitting my concerns in this venue. To Members of the Board of Education: Your decision to fill a vacancy on the school board without reaching out to the public for interested and qualified volunteers was a mistake.