Letters to the Editor

  • Feel The Love

    To the Editor: Living in Sandy Hook since 2007, my family and I have come to love the people and the town of Newtown and Sandy Hook. Still, and forever mourning the loss of our most precious children and friends on that tragic day, my wife and I strive to find deeper love and goodness in ourselves and in others. We truly live and believe that the best things in life begin with love and compassion, are all around us, and are free. Over the past year, which will always feel like yesterday, today, and tomorrow to us, we have found a much deeper meaning in our lives and in our beliefs, which drives us to support, honor and love those around us even more.

  • Many Supported Pet Project

    To the Editor: We would like to thank those patrons who on Friday, November 29th, contributed to our collection box in front of the Newtown Stop & Shop. As part of my son Rory's school citizenship project, we set out to collect pet food donations to benefit the Newtown Animal Shelter.

  • Winning The Game Of Pride and Compassion

    To the Editor: It is the measure of a community, to unite under trying times, to face adversity with both pride and compassion. It was cold as I sat on a blanket last night, watching the Newtown Nighthawks football team put their record on the line in a playoff game vs Ridgefield! A game marked by great plays and even greater sportsmanship for both teams.

  • Sympathy And Care

    To the Editor: On behalf of Louis “Bud” Holland we would like to thank you for your calls of condolences, cards of sympathy, and caring gestures during our most difficult time. As a close knit family, we will be strong and go forward knowing that we have support of our extended family and community.

  • Finding A Cure Together

    To the Editor: The evening of September 28 was impressive. It was the Light the Night Fundraiser for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. There were games, crafts, therapy dogs, KICKS.105, WEBE 108 and the Newtown High School Cheerleaders and Baseball Team. Everyone was busy! There were about 600 walkers.

  • A Generous Grant From GE

    To the Editor: On behalf of both the Newtown Parks and Recreation Commission and the Commission on Aging we would like to thank General Electric (GE) and the GE families across Newtown for their generous grant and consideration in funding the development of the much needed and long desired, multi-generational community center to address the needs of Newtown’s youth and seniors. This vision of a combined Parks and Rec and Senior Center facility has been sought after for almost 10 years now, and the requirements definition, planning and preliminary design work have been ongoing and carefully evolving.

  • Software Development Is Never An Exact Science

    To the Editor: Over the last few weeks I have had the opportunity to listen to a substantial amount of the rhetoric being delivered on cable news channels regarding the Healthcare.gov debacle. I have found it thoroughly entertaining to listen to pundits talk about the ins and outs of the rollout, or shall we say non-rollout. Not because the matter is to be taken lightly, but because these otherwise brilliant individuals have willingly taken on the task of judging success or failure in a field that they know nothing about. They might as well be trying to evaluate the reasons for the success or failure of the space program or of peace in the Middle East. Oh wait, they do that too. The thing is that, unlike the latter two topics, for which they have presumably studied extensively and in which they may have had some firsthand experience, they clearly have no idea what it takes to deliver a solution like Healthcare.gov.

  • Kindness Has Always Been A Part Of Sandy Hook

    As I write this, it’s Small Business Saturday, and I’ve just come back from shopping in Sandy Hook Village, a place where local merchants welcome visitors with a warm smile year round. It’s truly a wonderful place to do your holiday shopping – and this weekend, to share in the annual tree lighting festivities. Saturday, December 7 is Sandy Hook’s 12th Annual Tree Lighting! Festivities start at 4 pm with Karaoke, 3-D glasses, cookies, crafts, a visit from Santa, specials at local restaurants, jingle bells brace-lets, a wine tasting and so much more! The tree will be lit at 6, and then you can stay to enjoy carols by the tree.

  • The FAITH Food Pantry Thanks All

    To the Editor: All five fire companies of Newtown, under the organizational leadership of Karin Halstead, successfully completed their annual Thanksgiving food drive. For the 13th consecutive year the drive was a huge success. In addition, St Rose Church organized their food drive. Nearly 100 turkeys, along with nearly 200 boxes of food, and over $1,400 in cash and gift cards were collected.

  • Small Business Saturday

    To the Editor: On behalf of the Sandy Hook Organization for Prosperity (S.H.O.P.) I would like to extend a warm welcome to the community to join our merchants on Small Business Saturday, November 30. While Small Business Saturday has been a great way to kick off the holiday season in recent years, it is even more important this year.