Letters to the Editor

  • Reckless Disregard For Traffic Safety

    To the Editor: As a long-time resident of Newtown, there are many topics on which I could opine, but the one most on my mind now is traffic safety as students from K to 12 return to school. I am reminded, almost daily, of the reckless disregard for drivers using not only our state roads like Routes 25, 302, and 34, but local roads such as the road I live on, Juniper Road, and Elm Drive.

  • Many Rose To The Reading Challenge

    To the Editor: The Teen Summer Reading Challenge for grades 6–12 at C.H. Booth Library has just ended, and it was a great success. Over 70 young people participated, reading 327 books, for a total of 93,562 pages!

  • An Abrupt Departure

    To the Editor: I would like the Newtown community to know why, after 15 years, I am no longer to be found at the reference desk of the C.H. Booth Library. On Friday, August 3, as I was preparing to head out on vacation, the director informed me that my job as reference librarian was eliminated as of August 10. As part of the restructuring of the physical space and staffing, I was offered an alternate position which I declined.

  • The Holster On My Hip

    To the Editor: There is one other town between my home and Newtown. Through the years, I’ve spent a lot of time in the Newtown/Sandy Hook community, through friendships, work, shopping, dining, and socializing. I too, have personal connections to victims of the senseless tragedy that a madman committed that day. My prayers, condolences, and best wishes have been, and continue to be offered to those that are suffering from that unthinkable act of evil and violence. I am also a gun owner. A legal, licensed, law-abiding, responsible gun owner.

  • Where Do You Stand On Tyranny?

    To the Editor: I find it very interesting that our imperial president has taken it upon himself to again shred the Constitution and upgrade his executive powers. There is no question that the infamous Affordable Care Act aka, Obamacare is a questionable law. Yes; it was ruled constitutional by the Supreme Court; but it was ruled a tax – and there lies another question for another time.

  • Library Board Needs To Reconsider

    To the Editor: We have lived in Newtown since 1968, raised two children here, and I taught 33 years in our school system. The Cyrenius Booth Library has been a constant source of learning, fine reading, pleasure and friendship. Now that my husband and I are retired, the library seems like an extension of our home.

  • A Call To Protest Changes At The Library

    To the Editor: There are times when we have to question and oppose the thinking and decisions that are made by those entrusted with the responsibility to provide the best operating environment for the residents of Newtown. This is especially true in the case of the new library director, Shawn Fields, who has a plan to overhaul the existing layout of the library to fit into his concept of what our library should resemble in his mind. Such decisions often create a sterile atmosphere because visitors and residents were not consulted beforehand in order to get their feedback and suggestions.

  • Stamp Your Passport To Sandy Hook In October

    To the Editor: On behalf of S.H.O.P., (Sandy Hook Organization for Prosperity), I would like to thank the community for coming out and supporting our events in Sandy Hook Center. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, the event scheduled for Saturday, August 17, will have to be rescheduled to a later date.

  • The Police Commission’s Obsession With Queen Street

    To the Editor: The Newtown Bee reported last week that Queen Street residents have long complained about speeding motorists. Now with three speed bumps added to the two already installed, Queen Street residents have a new issue to complain about, noise caused by the speed bumps and motorists going over them, a few beeping their horns. One resident complained that the children are stressed by the sound of honking horns. Another resident said it was unclear why some people are angry about the presence of speed table. Yet another said divers were being un-neighborly and unkind.

  • Have Guns… Will Travel!

    To the Editor: There was a popular TV show, “Have Gun Will Travel,” in which the main character, “Paladin,” was a gun for hire… and he traveled. The Connecticut Citizens Defense League (CCDL) evoked “Paladins” to travel from across the State of Connecticut, and neighboring states, and descend upon Starbucks in Newtown on their self-declared “Starbucks Appreciation Day” Friday. The appreciation is for Starbucks corporate policy of allowing guns in their stores. It is beyond the pale to imagine that any gun carrier would have the gall to place Newtown in the cross hairs of their gun carrying pride day. Yet they came, not only to their neighborhood Starbucks, but traveled miles to put their guns in front of Newtown children and adults.