Letters to the Editor

  • A Good Way To Combat Evil

    Dear Stephen: I would like to thank you, the leadership class, and Kamiak High School’s student body for the successful efforts to fund a well construction in Liberia in memory of the Sandy Hook victims. Sandy Hook Elementary School is within two miles of our home, the school bus still stops in front of our house each day, and it is the school our daughter graduated from in the 80s. There are many reminders of that tragedy in our lives each day, but we have been supported in our grief by the thoughts of others and the outpouring of sympathy expressed by the community at large, including now, Mukilteo Washington...

  • A Call To Support Education

    To the Editor: This letter is an entreaty to the voters of Newtown to support the education budget at this third referendum scheduled for Tuesday, June 4. The budget request as it stands now calls for a year over year increase of 3.93 percent, having been further reduced by the Legislative Council in response to the failed second referendum.

  • Respect The Cemetery

    To the Editor: My husband and I visit our daughter’s grave every day at St. Rose Cemetery. We have gone every day for the past 163 days since she was taken from us at Sandy Hook School. At Christmastime, somebody made a beautiful horse head out of evergreens so we could place at her grave. It was beautiful, and even had Christmas ribbon for the horse’s bridle. Jessica would have loved it. Unfortunately, it was stolen in February. I called everybody who visits her grave, and even went to St. Rose to find out if any of the groundskeepers had taken it (since it was turning brown). Nobody knew what happened to it. We were very upset, and couldn't believe that somebody would take something from Jessica...

  • Taxes Never Go Down, Rights Never Come Back

    To the Editor: After my last letter, I was accused of trying to fail the budget over one line item, when I was trying to facilitate the process by allowing the sticking points to be heard. Props to Pat Llodra for her open door policy – a better way to accomplish my goal. It seemed, writing a budget more people will vote Yes on, was like finding a needle in a haystack. The media's misinterpretation, making the failure synonymous with a lack of desire for increased security is what I was trying to set straight, while keeping comments anonymous to foster sincerity and truth.

  • Salon-A-Thon Event Nailed It

    To the Editor: We would like to thank the many in our community gave so much of their time, talent and energy to make this past Sunday’s Salon-a-Thon at Ricci’s Salon a tremendous success. All funds raised from this day long event have been graciously donated to Sandy Hook Promise where they will be used to continue to help our community heal. This includes financial, in-kind, education and individual and community mental wellness treatment and events, to name a few.

  • Our Society Is The Root Cause Of Learning Disabilities And Mental Illness

    To the Editor: My name is Kinley Nagle. I am a certified special education teacher with dyslexia. My ground-breaking work is about the unexplored potential in our children, ourselves and society. When I recognized that my students’ emotional needs were interfering with their learning I provided them with the necessary emotional support, tools and teaching strategies to thrive, resulting in a 90 percent success rate in my resource and self-contained classrooms.

  • Give What We Can

    To the Editor: In the wake of 12/14, the Town of Newtown was the beneficiary of overwhelming generosity from all over the world. The City of Moore, Oklahoma is now suffering terribly. Let us all contribute whatever we can .

  • We Can’t All Have What We Want

    To the Editor: It’s time that our officials take a good look why the budgets don't pass. Yes, you can lower the budget amounts, but they are forgetting one thing: the mill rate has to be lowered also. Our seniors and others can't afford this mill rate. Open your eyes town officials. We all can't have what we want even in a normal house in this town. We have to say no.

  • Beautifying The Meeting House

    To the Editor: The Board of Trustees of the Heritage Preservation Trust of Newtown, Inc.—which administers the Newtown Meeting House—wishes to publicly thank the Horticulture Club of Newtown for its continued support in beautifying the Meeting House grounds.

  • Watering Down The Shooting Range Ordinance

    To the Editor: The Ordinance Committee is wrapping up a series of meetings on an updated firearms ordinance with extensive input from the public. Those who want little or no restrictions on target shooting have been well represented, as have been residents wanting greater restrictions in the interest of safety and quality of life for their neighborhoods. As the committee nears the end of this process, the outline of the final changes are becoming clear. While provisions that will help lessen some negative effects of target shooting on neighbors are likely (banning exploding targets, limiting shooting to four hours during daylight hours and requiring advance notification of police about shooting sessions), other proposals have been watered down or rejected...