Letters to the Editor

  • Rude Remarks

    To the Editor: I would like to comment on some of the rude behavior my neighbors and I have witnessed during the public comment portion of the P&Z meetings regarding the Hawleyville Mixed-Use Site. It was my understanding that if someone gets up to speak at the microphone and states their name, then they are allowed to speak without interruption from the other people in attendance. Unfortunately, it seems that those requesting this Hawleyville development lack manners.

  • A Misrepresentation Of Debt Service Costs

    To the Editor: I am writing to address what I perceive to be a gross misrepresentation in the Democrat release as published in the October 16 Bee. The release includes a statement “Eighty-two percent of debt service (going) to the town and only 18 percent to education.” There is just no merit in that statement.

  • The Town’s Best Interests

    To the Editor: I feel I must respond to the Democrats who state that more Democrats should be elected in our local election because some of the boards/commissions have too many Republicans. How ridiculous is that? Don't we want the best people for the job – people who have common sense, people who don't have a personal agenda, people who have the best interests of the town at heart?

  • Defending Newtown’s Character

    To the Editor: I am currently seeking the office of Legislative Councilperson in Newtown’s First District. I have de-cided to seek this position after the events that transpired in regards to the potential closing of a school this year.

  • Letters of Endorsement

    Local residents endorse candidates for the 2015 Newtown elections.

  • More Company For Commuters

    Attention All Commuters! Do you wish you had more company on the road during your morning and evening commutes?

  • A Truly Special Place

    To the Editor: I want to thank everyone who took time out of their busy schedule to visit Sandy Hook this past Sat-urday for our Fifth Annual Passport to Sandy Hook. Sandy Hook Organization for Prosperity (SHOP) is a group of hard working and dedicated merchants, property owners and residents who dedicate a lot of their free time to make Sandy Hook Village a place that I have been proud to call my home for 26 years.

  • Get Your Pumpkin On

    To the Editor: To the Editor:Have you ever wondered about that house on Main Street with all of the pumpkins in front of it on Halloween? That’s my house, and the pumpkins are a part of a fundraiser called the Great Pumpkin Challenge.

  • Two Informative Days At The Brook

    To the Editor: Last Thursday and Friday, approximately 360 sixth-grade Reed students hiked to Deep Brook and in-vestigated the water quality there, undertaking chemical testing, macroinvertebrate sampling, and visual analysis. This field trip was the kick-off to the students’ year-long investigation of water, as part of their science curriculum. But math, writing, and community outreach, among other areas of study, will be incorporated into this exciting project. The name of the project is GM GREEN.

  • Letters of Endorsement

    Local residents endorse candidates for the 2015 Newtown elections.