Letters to the Editor

  • Raising Children With Core Values

    To the Editor: One chance… that is how many times our children will have to go through our school system. First grade, seventh grade, tenth grade – each and every grade level is impactful to a child’s intellectual and emotional development. As parents, educators, community members we have one chance to give our children the best education possible at every grade level. If elected to the Board of Education I will make it our challenge to get it right the first and only chance we have.

  • Working Together

    To the Editor: My name is Jim Filan and I’m seeking reelection to the Board of Finance. I’ve lived in Newtown for 18 years and I’ve had the honor of serving on the board since September 2013. Since I joined the board we’ve lowered taxes while maintaining the quality of our schools and improved our town infrastructure.

  • Hearing All The Voices In A Debate

    To the Editor: First, let me say thank you to those that have supported me at the polls the last three elections as a District 2 representative on the Legislative Council. I have been honored to serve and hope I have met or exceeded your expectations. I am writing to ask the voters in District 2 to support me once again as one of your representatives for the next two years on the Legislative Council.

  • Letters of Endorsement

    Local residents endorse candidates for the 2015 Newtown elections.

  • A Return To More Balance

    To the Editor: This letter is to introduce myself to those who have moved here after I had the honor of serving New-town for five terms as first selectman which ended in December of 2008 and who may not know me.

  • An Inappropriate Use Of Recovery Funds

    To the Editor: In the spirit of transparency, I need to highlight a vote that occurred at the October 7, 2015 meeting of the Legislative Council. The council considered and approved a proposal giving the NHS band $17,540 taken from 12/14 Recovery Funds to buy a truck to move band equipment. As a member of the New-town community for almost 26 years, a SHS teacher on the day of the tragedy and someone who con-tinues to teach at SHS, this completely baffled me in light of the continuing and future recovery needs of the Newtown community.

  • A Great Time At The Movies

    To the Editor: We had to wait a while for the start of the movie. It seemed that the free popcorn developed a line from the concession stand, across the lobby and down the side hall. The wait was well worth it.

  • Guiding Principles To Prosperity

    To the Editor: My name is Aaron Carlson, and I am excited for the opportunity to offer my services as a candidate for the Newtown Board of Finance. My wife and I moved to town 8.5 years ago for the excellent school sys-tem and we have since grown to a wonderful family of five. We are all so proud to call Newtown our home.

  • Rude Remarks

    To the Editor: I would like to comment on some of the rude behavior my neighbors and I have witnessed during the public comment portion of the P&Z meetings regarding the Hawleyville Mixed-Use Site. It was my understanding that if someone gets up to speak at the microphone and states their name, then they are allowed to speak without interruption from the other people in attendance. Unfortunately, it seems that those requesting this Hawleyville development lack manners.

  • A Misrepresentation Of Debt Service Costs

    To the Editor: I am writing to address what I perceive to be a gross misrepresentation in the Democrat release as published in the October 16 Bee. The release includes a statement “Eighty-two percent of debt service (going) to the town and only 18 percent to education.” There is just no merit in that statement.