Letters to the Editor

  • Celebrate With A Bang, But Also With Some Consideration

    To the Editor: As the summer begins, so do picnics, parties and fireworks. I'm sure that sounds great to many, but to those suffering from PTSD, the fireworks part is not as fun as it used to be.  For example, the other night I was awakened after midnight by a loud popping sound. I sat bolt upright, then cowered under my blanket until my husband reassured me that it was only someone setting off fireworks. Thankfully, it was not a very long “show,” but it still took over 10 minutes to get my heart to stop racing.

  • A New Approach?

    To the Editor: Newtown’s hard working taxpayers are paying for the investing services of Westport Resources, which, despite conservative benchmarks, has had a range of returns between –2.5 percent and –6.1 percent over several years. “Other investment firms have met similar benchmarks successfully,” “an attainable goal,” according to Town Finance Director Bob Tait. The current benchmark has even been lowered twice in recent history, states Pension Committee chair Thomas Murtha. Had Westport Financial done the same job as these other firms our town pension fund would have enjoyed a $6 million increase.

  • Playing By The Winners’ Rules

    To the Editor: Years ago, as a teacher at Newtown High School, I helped establish an exchange program between Newtown and Bassick High School in Bridgeport. My Bassick colleagues and I used a simulation.  We put students in multi-racial groups and ask...

  • Answering The Call In Honduras

    To the Editor: There are multitudinous ways in which a community manifests its heart: caring for its neighbors, supporting town employees, ensuring quality schools, community centers, and the like. But another is in offering quiet, humble, and unheralded s...

  • A Milestone For Merryhill

    To the Editor: Merryhill Child Care Center, Inc. in Newtown is proud to celebrate our 25th anniversary of nurturing infants, toddlers and preschool children of Newtown and surrounding towns. On behalf of the Board and Staff of Merryhill, we would like to t...

  • Rising To The Occasion Of A Stranded Cat

    To the Editor: People need to be publicly thanked and recognized for their kind and selfless acts.  My thanks and gratitude today, goes out to Al Potter, of Newtown Arbor Services, for showing up Friday morning in his bucket truck, and rescuing our sc...

  • Benefit Concert Life-Affirming & Joyous

    To the Editor: Last Saturday evening’s Benefit Concert for Families United in Newtown (FUN) was a joy to behold. The many talented performers — many who struggle with significant challenging life circumstances — shared their passion, commitment, expertise, and enthusiasm in self-expression through their musical talent.

  • A Charter Revision Dissenting Opinion

    To the Editor: I wanted to take a moment to provide the dissenting opinion on the Charter Revision Commission’s recent vote that enables one party rule on the Board of Education. While there are four of us who voted to increase minority representation on the BoE, this reflects my opinions only and I do not speak for the other commissioners.

  • The Resilience Of Newtown

    To the residents of Newtown: As you know all too well, we are a country rife with tragedy. Perhaps none so felt than the heartbreak of your idyllic town. Some 20 months ago, we as a documentary team, began the daunting task of creating a film that would chronicle the resilience of Newtown. The plans are for a feature length film, which will air on PBS in the not too distant future. It has been a privilege to chronicle those who have lived through that unimaginable day, as they work so hard to find peace in the aftermath.

  • Get Involved Before It’s Too Late

    To the Editor: I am writing this letter because it is the correct thing to do and the people who care about the Edmond Town Hall must get involved. I saw in this week’s Newtown Bee (May 15, 2015) about the new seats for the balcony. I could not believe what I just read. The article said the Edmond Town Hall is getting new seats. This could not be further than the truth. “The new seats” 1. are used 2. are dirty. 3. are smelly. 4. a full-size person could not squeeze by them to sit down.