Letters to the Editor

  • Hawley School As Mary Hawley Intended It

    To the Editor: Mary Hawley gave us many gifts. The most notable one was Hawley School. It's not only a school but a great memorial in memory of her love and dedication to our town. Many children were educated in the school and still are.

  • Sell Our School

    To the Editor: At the heart of Newtown’s commercial area is the Middle School, a large lot, with an existing building with a large footprint, two driveways on Queen Street and the back of the lot which abuts the Caraluzzi and Villages at Lexington Ga...

  • Politics Or Transparency?

    Last week Mary Ann Jacob stated I made the school board’s internal process “political?” Sounds like the Karl Rove playbook, attempt to make your weakness your opponent’s.

  • Too Many Transitions Are Bad For Children

    To the Editor: The recommendation to close Hawley Elementary School has created great debate in Newtown for the past several weeks, but the issue at hand is much broader than the iconic schoolhouse in the center of town. Newtown has a reputation for mainta...

  • Gary Wheeler’s Final Run

    To the Editor: Gary Wheeler has been a Newtown police officer (now retired) and a school bus driver for 46 years.  We had the wonderful opportunity of having Mr Wheeler chauffer our children from kindergarten through high school.  Last Wednesday ...

  • The Rooster Run Is Something To Crow About

    To the Editor: Thanks to the hundreds of runners and the Newtown community for coming out on Saturday June 20th, 2015 in support of the Newtown Parks and Recreation’s 41st annual Rooster Run 5K. It was a great day for running and all of the participa...

  • Heritage vs Education

    To the Editor: Residents and visitors extol the beauty and character of our downtown. Historic buildings, faithfully serving the purpose for which they were designed a century ago, are vibrant reminders of Newtown’s heritage. ...

  • Keep Mary Hawley’s Generosity Going

    To the Editor: I heard from my parents that at the Board of Education meeting, Dr Erardi suggested closing Hawley School. I think differently.  Put yourself in Mary Hawley's shoes. Your mom just died, there were no schools left in town and everybody w...

  • Two Remarkable Women

    To the Editor: Please join us this Sunday, June 28, 2015 for an event celebrating Julia Wasserman and Mae Schmidle. The event is to celebrate the many wonderful contributions to our town these remarkable women have been involved in.

  • It’s About Students, Not Schools

    (The following message has been e-mailed to Dr Erardi and the Board of Education.) To the Editor: Jim Gaston’s paper has given you some compelling reasons why Hawley School should not be closed. He addressed multiple concerns but for me education is the main concern. Hawley School should not be closed but my reasons are primarily education. The prime concern should be what is best for our students at all levels. Save Our Schools is not about a building but about Save Our Students.