• Deep Freeze Makes Lake Zoar A Winter Playground

    Winter has frozen Lake Zoar from shore to shore, and the ice is thick — circumstances some residents have not seen in several years. Waterview Drive resident Cindy Palkimas has been a lakeside resident for 13 years, and remembers the lake freezing over completely in the past. “This year the ice is the thickest it’s ever been since I moved here.” While neighbors and residents have been able to run snowmobiles and ATVs over the lake's surface this season, some are keeping their eyes on the ice for other reasons. When the temperatures rise, large chunks of moving ice may spell trouble. Lake Zoar Authority member and Underhill Road resident Gary Fillion corroborates this. The ice breaking up “could be a disaster” if an ice dam floats down river, Mr Fillion said. “If people have rigid docks that stay in all year, ice sheets could take docks with them. There is potential for shoreline damage.”

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  • Two Residents Share Stories For Latest ‘Chicken Soup For The Soul’ Collection

    The latest installation in the long running Chicken Soup for the Soul collection of books offers stories about hope and miracles, or coincidences, depending on one’s view. Local readers will note two familiar names in the list of contributors: Scarlett Lewis, who lost one of her sons on 12/14, and New Hope Community Church Senior Pastor Jim Solomon. Psychic medium John Edwards, in the book’s foreword, points out that while “miracle” usually creates a vision of something epic — Moses raising his staff in a Cecil B. DeMille movie comes to mind, as does the story of a mother who finds the strength to lift a car off her child — it doesn’t have to be all that mind-blowing to be considered miraculous.

  • FCCF Giving Day Returns On March 5

    Area nonprofit groups are hoping to hear from regular supporters and new fans when the Fairfield County Community Foundation (FCCF) presents its second annual online Day of Giving. FCCF is again collaborating with Bank of America with the 24 hours of online donations.

  • Hershey’s/LBB Settlement Means Cadbury Fans Settle For Less

    It is the little nuances that make the difference when biting into a Cadbury Dairy Milk bar made in the United Kingdom versus one made by Hershey’s in the United States, said Lisa Whitmore, who owns UK Gourmet in Newtown, along with husband Nigel, a native of England. Hershey’s has owned the rights to manufacture Cadbury products in the US since 1988, but connoisseurs of the English-made product poo-poo any comparisons. That poo-pooing has turned to boo-hooing recently, though.

  • Newtown Rotary Gift Of Life Keeps On Giving

    It could be an idyllic family scene from any one of many homes in Newtown: three older children clustered about a baby in a bouncy seat, while the fire in the fireplace crackles behind them and the adults chat amicably nearby. This family picture, though, is a special blend of children and adults. One of the adults is Hazel Ricardel-Alquilos, a native of Cebu in the Philippines. The “baby” is her son, Bezalel, such a wisp of a 2-year-old, at just 15 pounds, that it seems one puff of wind outside the door could send his frail form tumbling.

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  • The Top of the Mountain

    Newtown, from a cat's point of view.