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  • The Top of the Mountain

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  • NFA Hosts A Successful Sunset Wine Tasting

    As daylight faded on Saturday, guests of the Newtown Forest Association Sunset Wine Tasting crowded beneath tents filled with soft light. In brighter areas, servers prepared trays of food for the 300 guests attending the second annual fundraiser. NFA member and event chair Aaron Coopersmith said the evening had been “amazing,” and although a light rain began to fall more heavily as the event concluded at 8 pm, he recalled last year’s abrupt thunder and lightning storm that drove most guests off the hill an hour earlier than the planned end of the evening. Pleased to see the well-attended evening, Mr Coopersmith hopes to garner interest in NFA and its efforts. With fewer than 100 members, the private land trust owns and cares for nearly 1,200 acres in Newtown.

  • Theater Review: Ridgefield’s Latest Displays Everything That Is Good About Community Theater

    The opening night of Tim Firth’s "Calendar Girls" at The Ridgefield Theater Barn was met with laughter, tears, and a rousing standing ovation. I would advise you to drop everything and order your tickets, pronto. The best of everything about community theater is in this show. The worst thing about community theater is that the runs are short. Do not miss this.

  • Traveling Quilts Will Offer Twice The Comfort

    Newtown resident Jan Brookes was so moved last fall, after reading in The Newtown Bee about the loss of The Comfort Quilt, one of more than 250 received by the Town of Newtown after 12/14, that she determined to somehow find a way to replace the quilt and help Newtown continue to pay forward the comfort offered by the lost quilt. The Comfort Quilt, with a plaque telling its special story, came to Newtown as part of its travels from town to town in need of healing. Unfortunately, the quilt's travels officially ended in Newtown after it disappeared from the town's collection in spring 2013.

  • New 3D Printer Expands Possibilities At C.H. Booth Library

    The new 3D Afinia 800 printer that arrived at the C.H. Booth Library, Wednesday, August 26, is the library’s newest addition to a growing collection of items geared toward attracting patrons who view the library as a place for learning, as much as a space for reading. Purchased through funds generated at the April 2015 Library Board of Directors gala fashion show, this printer is the second 3D printer at the library for use by the public.

  • Free Movie Screening, Viewing Events, September 12-14 At ETH

    Edmond Town Hall continues to add new offerings to its calendar. This weekend in addition to its regular movie screenings — including the return of a free Saturday night screening thanks to Ingersoll Auto of Danbury — the theater will host a a viewing party of the first Sunday Night Football game of the 2015-16 NFL season on Sunday, followed by an American Ninja Warrior viewing party on Monday night.

  • The Top of the Mountain

    Newtown, from a cat's point of view.

  • Newtown Film Festival: Three Days Of Free, Family-Friendly Screenings At Edmond Town Hall

    Organizers of the inaugural Newtown Film Fest (NFF) are preparing to offer nine programs to film lovers of all ages. The bundled films — documentaries, shorts, animated offerings, and more — will be screened Friday, September 18, to Sunday, September 20, and all of it is being offered free of charge at Edmond Town Hall, 45 Main Street. Cristin Carlin is the founder and executive director of NFF. The 24-year-old Newtown resident did a lot of work before launching this project. She said recently that the first time she envisioned herself working in the film industry was after viewing not only the films, but the extended behind-the-scenes editions, of the Lord of The Rings trilogy. In addition to the films being screened, NFF organizers have scheduled a number of related programs. These will also be taking place at Edmond Town Hall, and are also free of charge.