• Opening Day At C.H. Booth Library Book Sale

    The 38th Annual Friends of the C.H. Booth Library Book Sale opened beneath dreary skies, Saturday morning, July 13, the first time in the history of the book sale that the first day has not been greeted by sunshine. But sudden showers periodically bursting from the clouds did not prevent ticket purchasers from lining up, beginning at 7 am. Many then went about their business, returning to a guaranteed place in line as the 9 am opening time grew near.

  • Forum Presents 12/14 Fund Distribution Details

    Under a draft proposal presented at a public forum on Thursday, July 11, the families of each of the 26 victims of the 12/14 Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings would receive $281,000 in donated funds. Also, under those preliminary recommendations, the families of the 12 surviving children who were in the classrooms where the shootings occurred would receive $20,000 each. Also, two teachers who were injured in the incident would divide $150,000. Those proposals for fund distribution would cover $7.7 million of the overall $11.4 million in donated money whose disbursement is being overseen by The Newtown-Sandy Hook Community Foundation, Inc. Those collected funds earlier were overseen by the United Way.

  • Celebrating Solar In Newtown

    On a muggy July morning with just enough breeze to topple his posters of a solar panel installation, Henry Cheung of Sound Solar Systems LLC worked to reset his display.Reaching to help, Altus Power Management Managing Partner Tom Athan propped up one poster then, looking at a photo on it, he said, “I installed those,” indicating several rows of solar panels on the Newtown Middle School’s roof. His company funded a $600,000 solar project now in place at the school and generating roughly 30 percent of the building’s energy needs. The project was at no cost to the town. During a brief ribbon-cutting ceremony Thursday morning, July 11, celebrating the clean energy effort, First Selectman Pat Llodra held the jumbo ceremonial scissors and sliced through a ribbon celebrating Newtown’s second solar project, the first being at the water treatment plant.

  • Police Union President Honored As Labor Leader Of The Year

    In view of his leadership following the 12/14 shooting incident at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the president of the Newtown Police Union has received the Labor Leader of the Year Award for 2013 from Council 15, which is an association of nearly 4,000 police officers in more tha...

  • Blight And Firearms Ordinance Amendments Set For Public Hearing

    Both the draft amendments to the town’s firearms ordinance and an anti-blight ordinance will be part of a public hearing on August 7, beginning at 7 pm in Newtown High School’s lecture hall, the Legislative Council voted Wednesday, July 10.During the meeting’s initial public comment period, resident Barbara O’Connor

  • Former Sandy Hook Man Sentenced To Eight Years For Wire Fraud

    NEW HAVEN — Garrett L. “Denny” Denniston, 63, formerly of Sandy Hook, this week received a sentence of more than eight years in federal prison for operating a multimillion-dollar investment fraud scheme that bilked dozens of people out of funds, including some Sandy Hook residents who lost hundreds of thousands of dollars. In US District Court on Tuesday, July 9, Judge Janet Bond Arterton gave Denniston a 97-month prison sentence to be followed by three years of probation,

  • School Board Fills Vacant Seat With Former Member

    The Board of Education unanimously appointed Kathy Hamilton, formerly Kathy Fetchick, to fill a vacant seat, left open by board Secretary Cody McCubbin, at a special meeting on Wednesday, July 10. Ms Hamilton, who has served on the Legislative Council since September 2010, previously served as the Board of Education’s vice chair.

  • New Director Takes The Reins At C.H. Booth Library

    Shawn Fields, the director of the C.H. Booth Library as of July 1, enthusiastically and thoroughly discussed the book he is currently reading, Guns, Germs, and Steel, by anthropologist Jared Diamond, in his first interview with The Bee, July 10. The book examines the different factors that effect populations as it seeks to answer the question of why civilization is the way it is, and the numerous reasons that contribute to why civilizations thrive or fail, from historical, biological, and anthropological approaches.“I’m a voracious consumer of information,” said Mr Fields

  • Big Time Rush Releasing 500 More Tickets

    Newtown and Sandy Hook residents who may have been away, or missed the chance to get free passes to the July 22 Big Time Rush concert being held for the community at Fairfield Hills have another chance. Organizers have released another 500 tickets, and they will become available to qualified residents Friday, July 12 at noon.

  • Town Releases Third Q&A In Review Of SHS Building Project

    The Town of Newtown has released another “Question & Answer” document to review the next steps in the Sandy Hook Elementary School building project. The document is the third of a series, and the town also announced it will continue to provide updates throughout the rebuilding process. In May, the Sandy Hook School Task Force voted to recommend to the Newtown Board of Education that the current Sandy Hook School building be removed and a new elementary school be built on a modified version of the current site.