gun violence

  • President Challenges Media To Compare Numbers: Terrorism vs Gun Violence In America

    In expressing his grief and frustration over yet another mass gun shooting, President Barack Obama, in a speech Thursday evening, challenged news media to compare the number of US citizens killed by terrorism versus those killed by gun violence, each year.

  • Building Productive Alliances

    To the Editor:

    I'd like to thank the editor of The Bee for September 18's editorial “Building Bridges To Save Lives.” It struck the right tone and was “spot on” with its message about the need for dialogue and respectful conversation on the vital issues of guns and gun violence.

  • The Hypocrisy Of Our Elected Representatives

     To the Editor:

    Ponder the depths of this depraved hypocrisy:

    As the third anniversary of the horror that besieged Newtown in December, 2012 approaches, we’ll see an uptick in Sandy Hook visits from our elected officials. We’ll again be treated, as we were in 2012, 2013 and last year to Dick Blumenthal, Chris Murphy, Elizabeth Esty and others grace Newtown with their presence at a Memorial Mass at St. Rose of Lima or an ecumenical service at the Newtown Congregational Church.

  • Building Bridges To Save Lives

    More than 125 people turned up at the Rock Ridge Country Club Saturday morning for a breakfast fundraiser in support of the Third Annual National Vigil for All Victims of Gun Violence, which will take place on December 9 in Washington, DC. The event, hosted by The Newtown Foundation, drew a crowd of engaged and committed advocates for curbing gun violence.

  • Working To End Gun Violence

    To the Editor:

    On behalf of the Newtown Foundation (the charitable arm of the Newtown Action Alliance), I would like to thank all our supporters for attending our First Annual Breakfast Fundraiser for the National Vigil for All Victims of Gun Violence that was held at the Rock Ridge Country Club on Saturday. 

  • Utah Shooting Survivor Brings Message Of Appreciation, Awareness, And Celebration

    Standing, from left, Kait Hinckley Wood and Scott Hinckley, and seated, Carolyn Tuft, all of Salt Lake City, Utah, and NAA President Po Murray listen to a guest speak at a private luncheon held Monday, March 16. Ms Tuft, a survivor of a 2007 shooting in which her 15-year-old daughter was killed, and Ms Wood and Mr Hinckley, two of her three surviving children, are guests of Newtown residents Nicole and Richard Friedrich.       

  • NSSF’s Safety Reminders Are A Fig Leaf For Industry’s Gun Violence Inaction

    To the Editor:

    The Bee published the National Shooting Sports Foundation's press release on their achievement of a “milestone” of 1,000 industry related groups joining their effort to promote Project ChildSafe.  While promoting individual responsibility with firearms is essential and worthy, shouldn't the public expect more from an industry whose products cause injury to over 100,000 persons each year and death to over 30,000?

  • In Response To Petition, Jay Leno Cancels Appearance At Gun Industry Trade Show

    Newtown Action Alliance, Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, and Campaign to Unload announced Wednesday, November 19, comedian Jay Leno’s decision to cancel his appearance at the 2015 Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT Show), an annual event sponsored by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), the trade association for the gun industry. Mr Leno’s cancellation came just hours after the three gun violence prevention groups had launched a petition Wednesday morning, calling on him to take this action.

  • Benefit Scrabble Tournament, Sunday At Inn

    On Sunday, October 5, a Scrabble tournament will be held at The Inn at Newtown to benefit the Jr Newtown Action Alliance, a teen-led group working to reduce gun violence in America.

    Two playing options are available: a three-game unrated tournament for new players and those rated under 1000, and a seven-game rated tournament for players ready for a longer day. Both tournaments will start at 10 am. with registration at 9:30.

  • A Familiar Response On Gun Violence

    To the Editor:

    Having decided to join the rally in Greenwich, CT, to protest Gov Christie’s veto of gun safety legislation, I thought it wise to get something to eat before making my appearance. Upon entering the Glory Days Diner on Greenwich’s main drag, I was surprised to discover that Tom Foley and Gov. Chris Christie were expected to visit there shortly. My carpool buddy and I immediately started discussing the question we would ask them.