Snapshot: Sharon Doherty

Occupation: I’m the owner of PJ’s Laundromat in Sandy Hook Center. I’ve owned it for 12 years. I’m also a Mary Kay consultant and have been doing that for seven or eight years.

Family: My husband is Dan. We’ve been married for almost 15 years. We have two boys. Patrick is 13 years old, and Joseph is 10 years old.

Pets: We have a dog, Jennie. She’s a Lab with border collie mix. She’s named after my grandmother. We had promised her that if we ever had a girl, we’d name her after her. My grandmother has passed on, before we got Jennie. I don’t know how she’d feel about a dog being named for her! Our cat is Cheech. We adopted him from The Animal Center, and he’s almost 3 years old.

How long have you lived in Newtown? I grew up in Sandy Hook and have lived here my whole life. I used to drive my Big Wheel down Washington Avenue to get an ice cream from Helen’s store — where the Toy Tree is now — nearly every day!

What do you like to do in your free time? I like to read in my free time, and I like to go to the beach. Our neighbors have a beautiful place in Rhode Island, and invite us there quite often in the summer. I love going there. I also volunteer a lot. I’m with the Ladies’ Auxiliary for Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire & Rescue Company, and a member of Sandy Hook Organization for Prosperity (SHOP). One of the things my kids are extremely proud of me for, is that recently Monsignor Bob asked me to become a Eucharistic minister at St Rose. I volunteer at St Rose School, too, where my kids go to school.

Do you have a favorite author? I like Nelson DeMille, who writes a lot of mystery and suspense. Most recently, though, I read A Simple Christmas by Mike Huckabee, and I really liked it. It puts everything in perspective.

Do you have a favorite travel destination? The Bahamas, Atlantis Resort. We went there one year and loved it, and would love to go back.

What is the best thing about Newtown? The community. Everybody rallies together. When somebody needs something, everyone gets together to see that it is done.

Who has been the greatest influence in your life? It’s a tossup between my grandmother and my husband. My grandmother — my mom’s mom — was always very positive. I never saw her get upset. My husband brought me out of my shell, and opened up my eyes to the rest of the world.

Do you have a personal philosophy? The glass is always half full. You have to be positive and have faith.

Do you have a guilty pleasure? Having some alone time, just sitting down to relax, and not thinking about anything.

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