Local Support Group Sponsors Public Service Announcements

Filming under the direction of The Artists’ Company, New York City, began Wednesday, March 6, at Edmond Town Hall, for public service announcements sponsored by Sandy Hook Promise (SHP). The public service announcements, focused on taking action for change, will feature family members of victims of 12/14, said SHP spokesperson Tim Makris, as well as a cross section of Newtown residents. The announcements, which will air on the Internet beginning in early April and which SHP hopes will be picked up for contributed spots on national and regional television stations nationwide, will direct viewers to the Sandy Hook Promise website as to how they can become involved. Volunteers spent two days moving letters and banners out of town storage and setting up the background scenery in Edmond Town Hall prior to Wednesday’s filming sessions. All services connected with the production, direction, and cinematography were donated. Filming was expected to continue through Thursday, March 7. —Nancy K. Crevier

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