One Hundred Ways To Celebrate

One Hundred Ways To Celebrate

One Hundred Ways To Celebrate
Photo: Kendra Bobowick

Anneliese Altimari, left, and Molly Moran took at projects celebrating the number 100, including the 10+10+10 on the table below.

One hundred pennies, 100 gummy bears, 100 chocolate kisses, 100 marshmallows, 100 doilies wound into rose buds — Middle Gate School students’ art projects all added up to 100.

“It’s just a fun number to celebrate,” said teacher Pam Fagan, looking at her classroom filled with projects completed recently to celebrate the 100th day of school for the 17th year. Covering walls tables and countertops were projects including 100 marshmallows stuffed inside a plastic snowman, white poppy cutouts on wire stems made a bouquet, 100 pennies were pasted to the colors of a rainbow spilling into a pot bellow.

One hundred plastic horses marched across a broad sheet of construction paper, or 100 gummy fishes swam across a blue Crayola sea. Despite the many students in kindergarten through grade four, one theme recurred throughout the many submissions this year — love — represented by hearts and kisses.

Classes took turns walking through Ms Fagan’s classroom, viewing all the submissions. “Every year there are so many new ideas,” Ms Fagan said. She walked toward a corner spot where a pizza box sat open. Inside sat a pizza constructed with felt cutouts including 10 crusts, 10 mushrooms, 10 dabs of sauce, 10 pepperoni slices, etc.

Ms Fagan glanced up to see second-grade teacher Tanya LaBonia lead her students through the room. Ms LaBonia wore a top hat with 100 ribbons of fireworks bursting from its top.

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