NMS Students Cited At Award Ceremonies

Newtown Middle School held its culminating awards ceremony in two sessions on Friday, June 13, due to the weather forcing the event inside.

For the second session, eighth grade students at the school found a space on the bleachers or on set-up chairs in the school’s main gymnasium.

“Welcome everyone to our 2013-14 awards assembly,” NMS Principal Thomas Einhorn said.

A number of selected students sang the national anthem to begin the event. Students were recognized with awards they earned during the 2013-14 school year during the assembly, for completing achievements during the year, and for participating in different efforts, like being morning announcers at the school. 

Retiring teachers were also recognized during the event.

The Newtown Middle School did not release the names of students and the awards they received due to not having full parental permission to do so.

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