Middle Gate Awards Assembly Hosts Former Student

Newtown High School 2014 graduate and the recipient of this year’s Middle Gate PTA Scholarship Bethany Dubois spoke to students at Middle Gate’s awards assembly on Wednesday, June 18.

“I was sitting in this very gym,” Bethany said, looking around her, “…eight years ago.”

Bethany told the assembled third and fourth grade students about how she was nervous when she first came to Middle Gate in third grade, after moving from New Jersey.

Looking back, Bethany said she had no need to be nervous, because she found, “by far, Middle Gate kids are the nicest people I have ever met.”

She later asked the group if any of them participate in the school’s “Recorder Karate” group, and was taken aback when a large portion of the students responded with a loud “Hiya!” and an wave of their arms.

Each time the students heard “Recorder Karate,” which is run by music teacher Tina Jones, they responded the same way. Bethany later told the students that when she came to Middle Gate there was no Recorder Karate group.

“I wish they had that when I was in school, but we had something a little different… Recorder Club. You don’t have to ‘hiya’ for that one,” Bethany said with a smile.

When she first started going to the Recorder Club, she was the only student in attendance, but later, after sharing her news about how “cool” the club was, more students began attending. Bethany later went on to play the saxophone and participate in Newtown High School’s band and jazz band.

She told the students to “stick with it and make it your own” when they find something they like.

Middle Gate students were also recognized for participating in the school’s Walking Club, Marathon Club, reading, being in Recorder Karate, participating in Math Superstars, and more during the assembly.

Students were also given time to ask Bethany questions near the end of the event. 

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