Newtown High School ‘Time To Taco ‘Bout Jazz’ Event Well Attended

While students performed music on the stage at Newtown High School during the evening of Saturday, June 7, attendees at the “Time To Taco ‘Bout Jazz” event ate dinner or listened.

The event was hosted by and held as a fundraiser for the NHS Gold Jazz Band. It helped raise money to cover the cost of NHS Gold Jazz band members recording a professional CD.

Food from Mexicali Rose was served during the night, and $15 was charged at the door, children 5 and under cost $5 to attend.

Members of the NHS Gold Jazz Band, the NHS Blue Jazz Band, small groups, and a group called Combo Six performed during the evening.

“We have more people here tonight than we dreamed we were going to have,” said NHS Band Director Kurt Eckhardt, with the NHS Blue Jazz Band assembled before him on the cafetorium’s stage.

Before the event, Mr Eckhardt said this year’s band is the finest group of students he has taught in his more than 30 years as an educator.

“It’s a great band this year,” he said.

Last year students also had the opportunity to visit a recording studio, but Mr Eckhardt said he wanted this year’s group to do something bigger, so “Time To Taco ‘Bout Jazz” was planned.

Following the success of Saturday’s event, Mr Eckhardt said on Monday, June 9, that he already plans for a similar type of event to be held next year. He also said he heard from many people that a “really good time” was had by all.

Mr Eckhardt said he hopes more community members will attend next year’s event so they can witness the high school’s “great jazz band.”

Recording sessions at Raw Recording in Patterson, N.Y., started on Sunday, June 8, with the saxes and rhythm sections recording first.

“They were very thrilled to be in a professional studio,” Mr Eckhardt said on Monday.

Recording sessions will continue with different sections of the band.

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