NHS Gold Jazz Band Making ‘Time To Taco ‘Bout Jazz,’ Saturday

As a fundraiser for the group to create a professionally recorded CD, the Newtown High School Gold Jazz Band is set to host “Time To Talk ‘Bout Jazz” on Saturday, June 7. The evening of jazz and Mexican food will run from 6 to 9 pm, in the cafetorium of Newtown High School.

Adult tickets are $10 in advance, $15 at the door; children’s tickets, for ages 5 and under, are $5. To purchase tickets in advance, NHS Band Director Kurt Eckhardt said students can speak at school.

NHS senior Bethany Dubois said “tacos and other Mexican food from Mexicali Rose,” a restaurant on South Main Street, will be served. She also said performances during the event will include the NHS Gold and Blue Jazz Bands, and small groups, including a group called Combo Six.

“Our Gold Jazz Band is an elite auditioned group which has won awards at competitions at [the University of New Hampshire] and York University, Toronto,” Bethany said this week by email.

Mr Eckhardt said “Time To Taco ‘Bout Jazz” will help raise money to give students the opportunity to experience a professional recording studio. Recording sessions are also set to start this weekend, according to Mr Eckhardt.

In his over 30 years as an educator, Mr Eckhardt said he has never known a finer group of students.

“It’s a great band this year,” said Mr Eckhardt.

Last year, Mr Eckhardt said, students also had the opportunity to visit a recording studio, but this year, he said the group wanted to do something bigger, so the “Time To Taco ‘Bout Jazz” fundraiser was set up.

Only the NHS Gold Jazz Band will be part of creating the CD, according to Mr Eckhardt.

Saturday’s event, Mr Eckhardt said, will show people “how great those kids are, and how impressed everybody will be when they hear them play. They won’t believe these are high school kids.”

Those who cannot attend Saturday’s event but would like to contribute the fundraising effort can email Mr Eckhardt at eckhardtk@newtown.k12.ct.us.

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