Edward Chevalier Erickson

Edward Erickson, 88, of Westboro, Mass., died peacefully May 25. He was born July 31, 1925, in Weymouth, Mass. He was the youngest child of the late Edith (Picken) Erickson and Edward Eric Erickson.

Mr Erickson and his wife, the late Catherine “Kit” McGowan (Woods) Erickson, moved to Newtown in the late 1970s, where they lived for almost 20 years, before retiring to Massachusetts. At the time, Mr Erickson was employed in Danbury. Mrs Erickson was a copy editor at The Newtown Bee.

He proudly served in the South Pacific and the North Atlantic with the US Navy during World War II. After the war, he attended Dartmouth College and worked as an engineer. The Ericksons lived in Westboro for more than 20 years and raised four children there.

His son Frederic, wife Nancy, and family of Newburyport, Mass.; son James, wife Ann, and family of Mays Landing, N.J.; and youngest daughter, Christina Erickson of Athens, Tenn., survive Mr Erickson. His wife of 47 years and his eldest daughter, Catherine McGowan Erickson, preceded him in death.

A small memorial service will be held in Westboro at a later date.

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