Lakeside Gallery To Host Annual Art Show

Local artist Patricia Barkman will hold her annual Taunton Lakeside Gallery art show and sale on Saturday and Sunday, June 7 and 8.

“A Gallery In The Garden” will take place at 49 Taunton Lake Road from 2 to 4 pm on those days. The annual exhibition of Ms Barkman’s paintings will include a recently completed winter scene of the frozen Taunton Lake and its shoreline, which she completed this winter. This year’s presentation will also showcase children’s art.

Ms Barkman has many “adopted” children who refer to her as Granny Pat. 

“Some of them like to paint,” she said, “and if they do, then we paint together or they paint while I provide supplies.”

This year she will show four of their works — a self-portrait, profile, a butterfly added into a painting of an ice waterfall, and a series of happy faces done by two Sandy Hook children.

This year’s show will also celebrate the release of Ms Barkman’s book, Lieber, about her life with her late husband Leon. The book will be on sale; its proceeds benefit charities of her choice.

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