NYFS Conducting Survey On Programming For Children On Autism Spectrum

Newtown Youth & Family Services (NYFS), at 15 Berkshire Road in Sandy Hook, is developing a new curriculum for individuals and families who are looking for social recreational and educational programming for children with autism spectrum disorders.

The agency is working closely with the autism resources and services of Connecticut, and has recently hired a full-time recreational therapist who will lead these programs.

To continue developing its new curriculum, NYFS is requesting that Newtown families complete an anonymous 14-question survey concerning services that are currently available, suggestions for other services, and what roadblocks they are experiencing. Those taking the survey will also be asked about their background (relationship to child with autism, the age of their child when they first became concerned about the child’s development, the type of professional who diagnosed their child, how many children they have and how many have been diagnosed with autism).

Questions also relate directly to the child/children of the person responding to the survey, including the child’s primary diagnosis, any additional diagnoses; therapy or intervention for sleep problems, anxiety, or aggressive behaviors, among others; any disciplinary actions that have been taken at school during the past year, and specialty health and education service needs.

The survey is available on the home page of NYFS’s website, NewtownYouthAndFamilyServices.org.

NYFS is a licensed, non-profit, mental health clinic and youth service bureau dedicated to helping children and families achieve their highest potential. It is the designated mental health agency for the Town of Newtown/Sandy Hook.

NYFS provides outpatient individual, couple and family counseling and substance abuse treatment services for the greater Newtown area. In addition there are prevention initiatives, after school, evening and weekend programs and support groups to promote individual and community wellness.

For additional information contact NYFS at 203-270-4335.



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