Hawley Fourth Graders Learn About The Government

To cap a study of the United State government, Hawley Elementary School fourth grade students attended a presentation by two local lawyers on Thursday, April 24.

Elana Bertram, Esq, of Hawley Legal Resources, LLC, and Tara Dugo of Roberts Family Law in Darien both described the country’s judicial system and how it works for the students.

“Good morning fourth grade,” Hawley lead teacher Roxanne Melaragno said at the start of the presentation. “Today we have a very special program for you.”

Ms Bertram told the students she was once a Hawley student, too. Ms Bertram and Ms Dugo reviewed the three branches of the government with the students before explaining what their different roles are in the system. They also explained the difference between an appellate court, a civil court, and a criminal court.

Ms Bertram noted that people studying to become lawyers have to learn many different words, some in Latin.

Ms Bertram and Ms Dugo additionally shared an example of an injury case that went through civil court before taking questions from the students.

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