Wilco’s Stirratt & Sansone To Perform At Edmond Town Hall

On Friday, June 6, at 6 pm, the Live at the Edmond Town Hall series will spotlight the Autumn Defense. Amanda Bloom and her band will open. Tickets are $20. 

When they're not on the road with the rock institution that is Wilco, Pat Sansone and John Stirratt record and tour as The Autumn Defense. On their newest record, Fifth, their blissful, tight harmonies float over shimmering acoustic guitars and gentle Fender Telecaster landcapes. It’s a style that evokes 70s classic pop-rock (Big Star, The Kinks, Love) while diving headlong towards new, uber-soulful pastures.

In its review of Fifth, Relix writes: “It is a perfect blend of pure power-pop, alt-country and jangly indie rock, yielding a masterpiece of compelling harmonies, delicately phrased guitar leads and massive hooks that could land a 400-pound halibut.”

All proceeds from Live at the Edmond Town Hall shows go towards improvement efforts at the historic Edmond Town Hall. The building has recently installed state-of-the-art Blu-Ray, sound, power and lighting systems.

Doors will open at 5:30, and Ms Bloom’s set will begin at 6 pm.

Tickets are available at www.edmondtownhall.org.

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