Several Roads To Close For 5K Road Race

Police said that several roads will be closed to traffic at and near Fairfield Hills on Saturday, March 29, while the Sandy Hook 5K Road Race is being held in that area.

Police will be stationed along the race route to prevent traffic flow there.

The second annual road race will be held to honor the memories of the victims and also to support those affected by the December 14, 2012, shooting incident at Sandy Hook School. A Kids Fun Run will also be held Saturday morning, with children running and walking a course laid out along the soccer and baseball fields adjacent to Keating Farms Avenue.

Police Administrative Sergeant Aaron Bahamonde said that the road closures will be in effect from the start of the race until about 10:30 am. During that period motor vehicles will not be able to use the affected roads due to the presence of runners.

The course of the race follows:

Runners will start the race on the street formerly known as First Avenue, which lies between Newtown Municipal Center and Shelton House at Fairfield Hills. They will run south on First Avenue and turn right onto westbound Simpson Street, then turn left onto southbound Keating Farms Avenue, then turn left onto eastbound Mile Hill Road South, follow Mile Hill Road South to its intersection with Nunnawauk Road, and then run on Nunnawauk Road until they reach a marked point on Nunnawauk Road near the driveway entrance to Garner Correctional Institution.

At that marked point, the runners will then reverse their direction and run back along the course until reaching First Avenue at Fairfield Hills, thus completing the 5,000-meter course.

About 1,200 adult runners are expected to participate. Registration fees and proceeds from the event will benefit the Newtown Memorial Fund.

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