NYA Premiering TLS Weight Management System

NYA Sports & Fitness Center will offer two complimentary sessions of TLS’s Weight Loss Solution system on Tuesday, March 25, at noon and 6 pm. TLS Weight Management Coaches Christine Tyrell and Chris DeVellis unveil the program for all interested adults.

TLS Weight Loss Solution is a division of Greensboro-based Internet retailer Market America | shop.com, according to one of the company’s recent press advisories. Introduced in 2004, TLS Weight Loss Solution is a weight loss program that emphasizes a low-glycemic approach to eating, which helps keep blood sugar levels where they need to be.

The company release states that following the TLS system will also help users understand behaviors and what triggers hunger pangs, helping them overcome weight loss obstacles. TLS also focuses on body composition instead of the scale, claiming to getting participants fitter and healthier.

TLS also offers science-based weight loss supplements, an interactive website, an extensive Health Guide & Journal, and more. For more information and registration for the NYS program, e-mail ctm4health@gmail.com or cdevellis@live.com.

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