A Tercentennial Kick-Off For Congregational Church

Members of Newtown Congregational Church attended a kick-off celebration of their church’s 300th anniversary on Sunday, January 5.

Following the 10 am worship and Communion service in the sanctuary, Reverend Matt Crebbin led his parishioners into the church’s Great Room, where they gathered for a brief prayer and then enjoyed refreshments. Rev Crebbin read a verse that had been stitched by longtime member Peg Forbell. The piece, which has since been hung in the church’s gathering hall, reads: “At our Church, we do real; we do mistakes; we do I’m sorry; we do do-overs; we do fun; we do forgiveness; we do loud really well; we do hugs; we do patience; we do family; we do love.”

During his sermon on Sunday, Reverend Crebbin gently warned “in this new year, our 300th year, we celebrate longevity. We should celebrate it, but we shouldn’t be too impressed [with ourselves]. For 300 years, this congregation has been alive through the light and the dark. We have celebrated God in ways big and small. We made it…because God’s grace has sustained us, because God’s light has shone forth.” 

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