Noted Sculptor Contributes Piece To HealingNewtown

Noting that he was dedicating a sculpture “in honor of the children and teachers who lost their lives trying to protect them” on 12/14, renowned sculptor Peter Rubino recently delivered an original, terra cotta, one of a kind, 2½-foot sculpture with bronze patina, mounted on a custom marble base to HealingNewtown.

HealingNewtown, sponsored by Newtown Cultural Arts Commission (NCAC), has been offering exhibits, workshops, performances, benefit events and art projects since January. Its mission has always been to help NCAC “manage the overwhelming response by artists, arts organizations, stakeholders, and the overwhelming number of creative contributions being offered to help Newtown” since 12/14.

The dual symbolism of “Guardian” — teacher as angel — and contemporary artistic style “conveys a timeless emotion of eternal love,” the artist said.

Commenting on the contribution, NCAC Chairman Jennifer Johnston Cebry thanked him for “this extremely thoughtful gesture,” assuring the artist that “your art will inspire healing for our community.”

Peter Rubino is an internationally acclaimed sculptor and among his many works are “Mother of All Life,” a ten-foot tall monument that graces Boyko Research Center at the Ben Gurion University of the Negev in Beer- Sheva, Israel; and “Angel,” a 35-foot tall figure created for Disney Corporation. His latest sculpture, “Remembrance,” is a tribute to Connecticut’s Fallen War Heroes and was created for the Connecticut Fallen Heroes Foundation.

A 27-year resident of Wilton, Mr Rubino exhibits extensively in the US and specializes in portrait sculpture. He has skillfully captured the likeness of such luminaries as President Obama, jazz icon Dave Brubeck, and baseball legends Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, to name a few.

He originated “Symphony in Clay,” an extreme sculpting performance piece in which he quickly transforms 250 pounds of clay into a monumental bust of Beethoven in 20 minutes, choreographed to the composer’s music.

“Guardian” is currently on display at Newtown Congregational Church, which became the host for HealingNewtown in late June.

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