Color Them Red, White, And Blue!

Splashes of red, white and blue brought Old Glory a little Young Glory on Wednesday, July 3, as children at the Children’s Adventure Center waved miniature flags and held the too-big Uncle Sam hats in place before a quick parade. Avery Huber-Burnett, first in line, led classmates outside.

Teachers Marie Bonanno and Judi Yin played “God Bless America” as classes marched behind them. Before the music and parade began, students gathered to show off crafts they had made included red, white, and blue necklaces and handmade flags.

Chairman of the Board Mae Schmidle watched the staff and students outside on the lawn, celebrating the Fourth of July. “Aren’t they cute,” she said, noting that they had made their own decorations. The children had spent the week working on their Wednesday afternoon celebration, which included a cake.

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