Lighthouse And Labyrinth Dedicated

Please note, the song that was sung at the end of the lighthouse dedication on June 14 was called “We Choose Love.” It was written by Darryl Gregory and his students, as a gift to Newtown from Schaghticoke Middle School in New Milford. The caption that accompanies the photo to the right has been updated to reflect that information.


Trinity Episcopal Church hosted the dedication of two special items last weekend. One was used for the first public event by a new foundation and will be used again in the future for special events, while the other was a permanent addition to the church grounds.

Between rain showers early Friday evening, Pastor Kathie Adams-Shepherd conducted the dedication of a 20-foot-tall custom interactive lighthouse constructed by volunteers for Ben’s Lighthouse. The organization was recently formed with a dedication to the long-term support and healing of children and youth in Newtown and surrounding towns. It was named to honor for Ben Wheeler, one of the children killed on 12/14. Ben, whose family are members of Trinity, loved lighthouses.

The construction features six sides and 20 windows, representing the adults and children who died six months ago. The panels of the lighthouse are green and white, paying tribute to the school’s colors. 

Among those mentioned during the June 14 event were Mr Haylon, “who woke in the night with this idea,” said Pastor Adams-Shepherd, and Duane Langenwalter, “who designed this lighthouse with all his heart.”

The lighthouse will remain on the church’s front lawn until at least the coming weekend, Mr Haylon said this week. It will go into storage until September, when Trinity plans to use it as part of its Labor Day Parade float. It will also, said My Haylon, be used for special events in the future.

A short time later the group reconvened a few dozen yards to the northwest, near a permanent outdoor labyrinth that was installed on the church grounds less than a week earlier.

“It’s not a maze, you can’t get lost,” Pastor Adams-Shepherd told parishioners and guests. As a young parishioner worked his way around the new installation, Pastor Adams-Shepherd told those present for the dedication of Jack Benedict’s Eagle Scout project that the labyrinth is meant to help visitors center themselves, on any path they choose.

Mr Benedict formally presented the labyrinth to the church, its leader, and the community “to be set apart for the spiritual renewal of your people.” 

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