NMS Student Attends National Young Leaders State Conference

Last August Newtown Middle School seventh grader Brian Sleeva found out his sixth grade teacher Petrice DiVanno had nominated him to attend the National Young Leaders State Conference and he had been accepted.

“It was so amazing,” said Brian, about learning he had been nominated to go.

The conference was held in New York between March 14 and 17, and Brian reflected on his trip after attending.

Brian said he attended discussions about school purposes and bullying and learned “anybody can be a leader.”

Being a leader, Brian said, is the willingness to participate and demonstrate leadership qualities.

He also made friends while attending the conference that he still stays in contact with. Brian said he was one of two students from Connecticut to attend the New York conference.

Brian has plans to study medicine eventually to become a radiologist.

Once nominated participants in the National Young Leaders State Conference are allowed to attend future events without being nominated, and Brian plans to attend more in the future, including a planned Washington, D.C., conference this summer.

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