Monster Trucks Take Over Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire & Rescue

A constant line for rides, smiling faces, and laughing screams could be seen and heard at the Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire & Rescue main station on Saturday, May 4, when Pat Summa from the Advanced Auto Parts Monster Jam Monster Truck Series stopped by for four hours.

Mr Summa offered rides in a special truck made for such occasions, and Steve Zion of Toyota Wallingford offered up a specially designed Toyota Tundra, which travels the NASCAR circuit also for such occasions.

Mr Summa’s monster truck Thrasher was also on display in its Sandy Hook Memorial Colors. Numerous people, including brother and sister Ryan and Emily Brown, stood with Thrasher for photos during the day.

The day was perfectly sunny for both the Toyota Tundra and “Extinguisher” to give rides on the Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire & Rescue main station grounds. Extinguisher driver Sean Obleen traveled from Hackettstown, N.J., and all drivers volunteered their time for the day.

Mr Zion said they wanted to show local children that, “something good is happening here, rather than the tragedy that did happen here.”

The event certainly brought kids of all ages to the area.

“They go fast!” one boy said, arm extended and pointing at Extinguisher from the line for rides.

Mr Summa and Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire & Rescue Firefighter Pete Barresi organized the event.

“It worked out really well,” said Mr Barresi, noting the two trucks ran for the full four hours scheduled.

There was no charge for visitors, and Mr Summa sold T-shirts and more to raise money for the Chase Kowalski Memorial Fund.

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