Former NHS AFS Student Still Traveling, Writing, Sharing

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Five decades after being an American Field Service student from Newtown High School, Sas Carey is still traveling. She has substituted her first host country of Denmark for far off Mongolia, though. There she has founded Nomadicare (www.nomadicare.org), a non-profit organization, which works to harmonize ancient and modern medicine for the support the health and cultural survival of Mongolia’s nomadic herders.

Now Wren Song Press has published Ms Carey’s experiences in a book, Reindeer Herders in My Heart: Stories of Healing Journeys in Mongolia. Ms Carey will be at Byrd’s Books in Bethel to offer an author’s talk and a reading from her book on Tuesday, April 16, beginning at 7 pm. In addition, she will present slides and videos from her travels.

The most sparsely populated country in the world, Mongolia, is tucked between Russia and China and tucked in the northernmost mountains is the country’s smallest ethnic group of nomads — those who herd reindeer. The 235 Mongolian reindeer herders there have a viable family and community in tact. Nomadicare, founded in 1994, takes health kits and vitamins to the herders each year.

Ms Carey’s memoir speaks of the sometimes humorous, sometimes challenging times the author has while delivering these supplies. She describes as painful the eight hour horse ride it requires to get to their remote location.  Reindeer Herders in My Heart shares the events observed, discussed, and experienced by the author during visits over a seven-year period. Beliefs, daily life, migrations, ancient ways of healing, shamanism, and spirit connections come to life for the reader.

Endorsements: We talk about “cultural exchange,” but it usually happens on the surface—this is a different kind of story, about connection at the very deepest of levels across distances of every kind. A remarkably hopeful and beautiful story!

Bill McKibben, a fellow author and an environmental activist, called the work “a remarkably hopeful and beautiful story.” Jane Goodall has “fully” supported Ms Carey’s works and Nomadicare, and Bekhbat Khasbazar, Mongolian Ambassador to the United States, has said, “Our country is richer by [Sas Carey’s] presence over many years.”

Ms Carey is a registered nurse, energy healer, educator, writer and filmmaker, who trained in traditional Mongolian medicine. In addition ton continuing her work as director of Nomadicare (nomadicare.org), she has also been a consultant for the United Nations Development Programme in Mongolia.

Byrd’s Books is at 213 Greenwood Avenue in Bethel, above Molten Java Coffee — enter the coffee shop to use the stairs to the book store. The store can be reached by calling 203-730-2973 (BYRD).


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