Roses That Anyone Can Care For

On May 8, the Town and Country Garden Club of Newtown will present a program by Karla Dalley titled “Easy Care Roses For All” by Karla Dalley.

The program will be presented at Newtown Senior Center, 14 Riverside  Road in Sandy Hook. It will begin at 7 pm and all are welcome, free of charge.

Ms Dalley (pictured) is a well know freelance writer and lecturer, water gardening expert, self-employed garden designer and consultant, and local expert for the media on a variety of topics. She is a garden columnist for West Hartford Magazine, she manages a blog called Gardendaze, she is a book review editor for the Connecticut Horticulture Society, has published many articles, and has appeared on various television and radio shows discussing gardening issues.

Ms Dalley’s lecture will focus on how the introduction of the Knockout series of roses in the early 2000s has changed the way people view the challenges involved with roses and their cultivation. There are also many other roses that can be grown with a minimum of watering and no chemicals at all.

 Karla says any skeptics should visit the Rockefeller Rose Garden at the New York Botanical Gardens, which contains 1,700 roses and it is all organic.

Reservations are not needed, but additional information is available from Liz Arneth at 203-426-5359.


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