Sandy Hook Strong T-Shirts Raise Thousands For Family Healing Fund

Rankin Sports and Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire & Rescue Company recently donated $15,000 to The Sandy Hook Family Healing Fund. The funds came through the sale of green and white T-shirts that were designed shortly after 12/14.

Green T-shirts feature an adapted Sandy Hook Fire logo on the front, and 26 sets of footprints on the back, with the lettering and artwork done in white. Below the footprints is the date 12-14-12, and the words Sandy Hook Elementary School.

“I told Alex [Rankin, co-owner of Rankin Sports] that I wanted the angel pin to be incorporated into the logo,” Sandy Hook EMS Captain Karin Halstead said of working with the sporting good supply company on the design of the T-shirt. “We all agree on the wording Sandy Hook Strong. This design was definitely a group effort.”

The design on the back of the T-shirts was going to feature hand prints or footprints.

“We decided to go with the footprints, as a throwback to old school Sandy Hook, and The Jolly Green Giant Fair,” Ms Halstead continued. The fair was a popular spring event for many years at the elementary school. Large green footprints were annually painted on the school’s driveway, often taking months to fade away before a new set of footprints was painted for another spring fair.

The shirts are available in all sizes, for $15 each. All proceeds have been donated to The Sandy Hook Family Healing Fund, which has been helping families with children in Sandy Hook Elementary School following 12/14.

“We have had so many calls — some people crying, others just telling us how much they love them — from almost the entire union,” said Charlie Rankin. “Kids from schools and colleges have just set up booths and take orders. So many people have just run with this.”

Nearly 2,000 of the fundraising T-shirts have been sold, according to the Rankins.

“We have regularly received orders of 175 to 200 shirts at a time,” said Mr Rankin.

The T-shirts are still available at Rankin Sporting Goods, 37 Newtown Road in Danbury; call 203-743-7601. They can be ordered online at RankinSports.com.

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