Couple Mounts Protest At NSSF

As heavy afternoon rush-period traffic whizzed by on March 14, a local couple stood in front of the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s (NSSF) office building at 11 Mile Hill Road holding signs of protest.

A sign held by Andrew Morosky charged that NSSF, as a firearms industry lobby group, profited from the December 14 Sandy Hook School shooting tragedy.

Another sign held by his wife Katherine Morosky stated that in less than four minutes, a gunman using a semiautomatic military-style rifle shot and killed 20 children and six adults. The sign added that weapons of war are not needed in civilian society.

After spotting the protestors, the NSSF called town police to the scene. Three police responded, a lieutenant, a sergeant, and a patrol officer.

After the incident, police Lieutenant Christopher Vanghele said police asked the Moroskys to move away from the intersection of Queen Street and Mile Hill Road so as not to distract motorists there, potentially causing a motor vehicle accident.

Thus, the Moroskys moved westward on the turf alongside the Mile Hill Road curbline within that street’s right-of-way.

There was not much for police to do at the incident in that the protestors were not doing anything wrong, Lt Vanghele said.

Asked about the reasons for the protest, Ms Morosky said she wants to make the general public more aware of the NSSF’s presence in Newtown.

The NSSF is a trade association, or lobby group, for the national firearms industry. Its membership includes gun manufacturers, distributors, retailers, shooting ranges, sportsmen’s clubs, and media outlets. It was founded in 1961.

The office building at 11 Mile Hill Road also holds the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute (SAAMI), which is an association of US firearms and ammunition manufacturers. It was founded in 1926.



Ms Morosky said that the weapons used by gunman Adam Lanza, 20, on December 14 “did great damage.”

Ms Morosky said that she and her husband have a 6-year-old daughter who was friends with some of the children who were killed in the incident.

“I feel it’s really important to take deep grief and do something that my conscience says is positive,” she said.

 “I cry every single day,” Ms Morosky said.

The ideas being advanced by Sandy Hook Promise and the Newtown Action Alliance are “very important,” Ms Morosky said.

The two ad hoc groups formed after the December 14 shooting incident to deter such incidents from occurring again.

Mr Morosky said that he and his wife have many connections with the people who died on December 14.

“I just want people to think differently of guns,” he said.

“How big does your gun need to be?” he asked.

The “gun culture” amounts to nonsense, he added.

Mr Morosky said that he had served in the past as a Sunday school teacher for the deceased Charlotte Bacon and Ben Wheeler.

Of the protest, he said, “We want to get people thinking about guns and society and what’s reasonable.”

Asked for comment about the protest, NSSF Director of Public Affairs Mike Bazinet said this week, “We appreciate their First Amendment right to express their freedom of speech.”

He declined further comment.


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These 2 intentionally left out the part where the AR was found in the car and was not used in the shooting. People that use this too further an agenda of NO GUNS sicken me. These 2 included! They should be ashamed of themselves. Oh, and she cries everyday? My butt she does!

Newtown, don't become a puppet for politicians.

NSSF has been in Newtown for years, no one knew about it before 12-14-2012, and it is sad to see the town being used as a puppet for political gain.
Look at all of these senseless mass murders, and you will see sick, disturbed youth revolting from society, and using firearms to take innocent lives.
Don't just simply blame the guns, and ignore the mental disorders in our youth today.
The best solution has to come from a mix of revised background checks which link into a mental health database, increased school security measures, and gun restrictions that make sense.
Newtown is still healing, so some of these protestors need to keep that in mind when they take to the streets with their narrow-minded signs.

Leave the NSSF alone

Leave the NSSF alone...go after the mental health disgrace in this country, and the doctors that prescribe psychotropic drugs like candy to all these people that are responsible for the violent behavior...these 2 and the rest of their cronies are going for the low hanging fruit

Not to mention an AR15 is not

Not to mention an AR15 is not a weapon of war and is used by NO military at all. AR stands for Armalite, NOT Assault Rifle. The AR15 is not a military weapon and is not an assault weapon. The Military M4 ( full auto ) is an assault rifle!!!!!

Amen! The gun laws in place

Amen! The gun laws in place do work.. The kid tried multiple times to obtain firearms and was refused every single time. If they want to blame anyone, blame the justice system and blame the medical system.

+ % of people dont know NSSF is in Newtown

In late January, I pulled into the parking lot because I didnt want to get a ticket for being on my cell. Yet their so called security guard (no uniform/badge) came out and started touching my car and saying I was on private property when in fact there are no signs that say so.

I'm so proud of those couples on making Newtown aware of such an awesome business. NSSF shouldnt be in Newtown. People dont know that a huge GUN COMPANY is only miles from a 2 middle school/ private school. No wonder their signs say "NSSF" they dont want people to ever know.

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