Vandalism Leaves Old Headstones Cracked And Damaged

Police are asking for information about vandalism to roughly ten headstones at Village Cemetery overlooking Elm Drive. The vandalism, which left several stones cracked and others toppled, occurred between December 6 and December 9.

Upset with the news, Newtown Village Cemetery Association Head of Grounds and Maintenance Milt Adams called the act “disgraceful” and “so disheartening.”

 “It’s sacred ground, why would someone desecrate those stones?” he asked Wednesday. The destruction was reported Tuesday evening.

“It’s very sad,” said Mr Adams, who said he is not aware of any family still visiting the damaged area, which is in the older portion of the cemetery.

“These were the very old limestone stones,” he said. Some dated back to the 1850s.

Most were knocked over and broken into three or four pieces, Mr Adams said. He is hoping the association is able to repair them.

One of the stones was a Booth family member, an old name in town, he said. Others were facedown and cracked into several pieces. Hoping that the names are not damaged, he said identifying the graves could be a problem.

“Some are so old, I don’t think there are records back that far. I hope there is enough in the pieces to figure out who they were.” He is also worried about materials. “I don’t know if they can be repaired and if we can get old limestone or a carver.”

The cemetery association is awaiting estimates for repair work.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Newtown Police Officer Felicia Figol at 203-426-5841 or visit the Newtown Police Department at 3 Main Street.

While The Newtown Village Cemetery was founded in 1860 and today measures 100 acres, the cemetery had been used as a burial ground for decades before that. The first burying ground established for the community of Newtown, the cemetery was voted into place on March 24, 1711. One and a half acres in a lower part of the community was set aside, and today serves as the oldest section of the cemetery.

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