New Location For Sandy Hook Baptist Church; Get-Acquainted Meetings Planned

Chris Camp, the pastor of Sandy Hook Baptist Church, has announced that the recently formed church has begun meeting in a new location.

The church is now meeting in the rear building at 111 Church Hill Road, in the space formerly occupied by Unique Blessings.

Regular services are Sunday mornings at 10:30, Sunday afternoons at 2, and Thursday evenings at 7.

Church members have also planned a series of Get Acquainted Meetings, to welcome newcomers to the church and its new location. These are planned for Monday through Friday, May 19–23, at 7 each night.

The core group of Sandy Hook Baptist Church began meeting for Bible studies in a Sandy Hook home once weekly in early September. Pastor Camp hosted the official first gathering on October 27.

Sandy Hook Baptist Church teaches and preaches the good news of salvation by grace through faith in the finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ on the cross at Calvary. Its members hold to a literal interpretation of the inspired and preserved words of God, the Holy Bible; believe the Bible is a solid and trustworthy foundation that provides hope and direction for their lives; and hold to the “old-fashioned” way because they believe the principles of Scripture are timeless and never change.

For additional information call 203-426-9041 or 203-231-1821.

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