Resident, Proponent Of ‘Waging Peace,’ Appointed To ARC Board Of Directors

DANBURY — Joseph Walkovich, president of the board of directors of the Association of Religious Communities (ARC), has announced Dr William Glass, deputy superintendent for Danbury Public Schools, has been elected as a member of the ARC Board of Directors.

“We are thrilled to have Dr Glass join the board and value his leadership skills,” said Mr Walkovich.

Dr Glass, a Newtown resident, has an extensive career in education spanning 40 years. His areas of expertise include organizational development, systems enhancement, instructional capacity-building and administrative leadership. He has served on numerous state and national task forces representing these areas.

“Dr Glass brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and history of the community to our organization,” said ARC Executive Director the Reverend Phyllis J. Leopold. “He first volunteered for ARC chairing a Blue Ribbon Commission (BRC) on immigrants, several years ago.

“The BRC intentionally included a highly diverse cross-section of the community. It was a very controversial time in Danbury and I will never forget how volatile some of those meetings were,” Rev Leopold continued. “I sometimes felt like we were in a new, experimental classroom but we didn’t have any curriculum to follow!

“Dr Glass was a great proactive leader,” she continued. “During a time of tremendous strife, he not only helped overcome divisions but also helped to successfully build new bridges all over Danbury.”

Dr Glass is proud of the work already done by the association.

“ARC’s work has stood the test of time given that its unwavering mission of helping the neediest in our community has resulted in thousands of individuals being supported during their most challenging times,” he said. “The work to end domestic violence and homelessness is truly sacred work. It is such an honor to serve with a board of directors comprised of some of the most respected, committed and effective leaders in our community.”

Dr Glass was instrumental in developing the Academy of International Studies, the magnet school in the greater Danbury area. He is still very involved in the school as it falls under his responsibilities as Deputy Superintendent. 

The United Nations recognized Dr Glass for his work in promoting peace. He is a strong proponent of the concept of “waging peace.”

Dr Glass has had myriad works published including five books and in numerous professional journals.  He has received many awards including being a recipient of the 2006 U Thant Institute Contributions to World Peace through Education Award from the United Nations, a national citation for Extraordinary Leadership in Urban Education, and the National Urban Leadership Exemplary Performance Award.

Dr Glass has served on the Governor’s Coalition for Youth with Disabilities. Locally he has been involved with Regional Hospice of Western CT, United Way Community Impact Council, Healing Hearts Bereavement Center for Children, Western CT State University, and the Regional Latino Scholarship Fund.

A student of the martial arts for 45 years, Dr Glass holds numerous black belts. He has been a martial arts senior instructor for 25 years and studied many forms of Kung Fu, Karate and Tai Chi.

“All the systems I have studied are based upon the idea of ‘soft overcomes hard,”’ said Dr Glass, “or said differently: the solution lies in peace not war.”


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