DRS Reminder: Sandy Hook Workers State Assistance Payments Not Taxable Income In CT

HARTFORD — In cooperation with the Judicial Branch’s Office of Victim Services, the Department of Revenue Services (DRS) offered a reminder on April 7 to taxpayers who received Sandy Hook Workers Assistance payments: that income is not taxable in Connecticut.

Special legislation in 2013 authorized payments to certain police, fire, emergency medical, educational, counseling, and other workers demonstrating physical or emotional harm as a result of 12/14.

“Governor Malloy wants to be sure those workers who stepped up during the horrific shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School are able to receive the full benefit of state assistance payments,” said DRS Commissioner Kevin Sullivan. “One important benefit is exclusion of these payments from adjusted gross income for state income tax purposes.

“DRS is advising the eligible income taxpayers how to adjust taxable income when filing,” Mr Sullivan continued. “Taxpayers who already filed but forgot to exclude this income will be advised to file amended returns and receive any refund due because of this state income modification.”

Sandy Hook Workers Assistance payments cannot be excluded from income for federal income tax purposes.

Anyone with questions should contact the Judicial Branch Office of Victim Services at 860-263-2760.


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