Making Room For More Tennis At Treadwell

Soft ground bore scars left by heavy machinery as Parks and Recreation crews dug out 21 tree stumps Wednesday at Treadwell Park.

Pine, hemlock, and several birch trees that came down several weeks ago, leaving behind stumps, will make way for a future tennis court project, said Recreation Director Amy Mangold.

Approved in a past Capital Improvement Plan (CIP), the project will include four tennis courts and one smaller pickle ball court. An item in the year 2013-14 calls for $498,000 in Treadwell Park renovations, which include the new courts.

Also in the renovation plans are “some reconfiguration of the courts to allow for better flow of traffic and a safer entrance and exit for the park,” Ms Mangold said.

Pickle ball uses a lower net, lighter plastic ball, and large paddles.

Onsite April 2 were Park & Rec staff members John Benvenuti, Bob Fritz driving the dump truck, and Jerry Dachenhausen in the excavator.


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