Council To Explore Eminent Domain Option On Parcel Needed For New School

The Legislative Council is scheduled to consider and possibly endorse eminent domain options to acquire a privately owned parcel for the planned new access road for Sandy Hook School. The meeting is set for Wednesday, December 18 at 7:30 at the Municipal Center.

According to the agenda, the council will discuss and possibly act on acquiring a parcel for the school, "including action by eminent domain."

Town Attorney Monty Frank told The Newtown Bee that it is the council's purview to take up the action if it cannot reach an agreement through negotiation.

If such action was to go forward, Mr Frank said it is standard procedure to present two appraisals to the property owner before filing with the court. At that time the town also files a deposit with the court that amounts to the average between the two appraisals.

The town has reportedly obtained three appraisals on the parcel in question. Once served, there is at least a 35-day waiting period before the town would ask the court to issue a certificate of taking, Mr Frank said.

Sources say the town could demonstrate a clear public purpose to initiate the proceedings if it fails to reach an amicable settlement to purchase the parcel.

First Selectman Pat Llodra told The Bee that negotiations to acquire property needed to develop a new access road to Sandy Hook School have been unsuccessful to date.

"Those negotiations are continuing and I am hopeful that an agreement can be reached with the property owners before the Legislative Council decides that it is the necessary to proceed with eminent domain," Mrs Llodra said, replying by email to a request for additional comment. "Time is a critical matter, however, so we do not face delays in construction."


don't place your bets on the town government winning

1 - eminent domain will not fly

2 - the town government needs to do some SERIOUS rethinking, and a cheery-faced discussion meeting will only intensify our resolve.

3 - here are several solutions Mrs. Llodra et al

a - firstly, modify the taxes if you "now" are stating the value is less than assessed value.

b - if Driving down Dickenson Drive is so abhorrent to faculty/staff...also redesign Riverside Road

c - provide a similar sized building lot and physically "move" Mr. Oberstadt's home

we are Sandy Hook, we choose love and DEMAND FAIR TREATMENT. If the town government wants a fight on this, don't place your bets on the town government being victorious

disclaimer...I do not know, never met Mr. Oberstadt

From lifelong residents,

From lifelong residents, public servants and property tax payers, to an afterthought in a town trying to fix a national black-eye and now the threat and intimidation of eminent domain proceedings. Really? And to think this hits the Newtown Bee just 2 days before the anniversary of this tragic event. We are talking about lifelong home, personal property and wealth, family memories and the ability to live out retirement years happily and without fear of financial ruin. It is personal here to see my parents treated with such disregard by a body hell bent on “my way and the highway”. How arrogant and how alarming that a town would treat it’s citizens with such disrespect and disregard!! This $49.5 million attempt to fix a hole in our collective hearts should not be done at my families expense. Just ask yourselves, “how would you feel about being put into the situation of the town taking your property?”

This'll be popular

NOT. How heavy handed and assuming of you Pat. Is this the petard we hoist you on?

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