Tuesday’s Children Announces Support Of Newtown-Based Sister Organization

The New York non-profit organization Tuesday’s Children has announced its support for The Resiliency Center of Newtown (RCN), established to help the Newtown community cope with the event of 12/14. Founded by Sandy Hook resident Stephanie N. Cinque, MSW, with the help of many dedicated volunteers, the Resiliency Center of Newtown officially opened its doors to the public in late September.

In response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Tuesday’s Children was also created by friends and families in the community. The organization was built to foster the long term healing in families directly impacted by the events of 9/11. It recently has evolved to supporting those from around the globe who have lost a loved one due to an act of terrorism.

The Resiliency Center of Newtown will be the first outside organization Tuesday’s Children will aid with funding and this direction.

Tuesday's Children was formed to fulfill a promise to see every 9/11 child into productive adulthood, with the belief that the best way to honor the fallen is to invest in their children. The organization has provided necessary support throughout the lifespan of the children of the victims of 9/11, and through their services and programing has developed a “long-term healing model.”

Over the past 12 years, Tuesday’s Children has codified their long-term healing model, and is committed to sharing their experiences creating and providing long-term services for a traumatized and bereaved population, as well as the knowledge obtained in community-building through successful outreach. The organization aims to aid future program development for community-based organizations, corporate or employee assistance programs, government agencies and other service providers seeking to deliver effective long-term recovery services in response to tragedies in their own communities.

“After the tragic events of Newtown, we knew that there would be long -term needs not only of the families of the victims, but also of the first responders and the community at large,” said Terry Grace Sears, executive director of Tuesday’s Children. “When Stephanie Cinque contacted Tuesday’s Children looking for our advice and counsel, we were happy to help in any way we could,” said Sears. “The Resiliency Center is the first time that we are using our lessons learned to assist another community heal and move forward with their lives.”

"I first heard of Tuesday's Children when I was living in New York and attending Columbia University,” said Ms Cinque said. “Shortly after the tragedy here in Newtown I knew we had to do something to help for the longterm. Not knowing exactly what or how to do that I immediately thought of Tuesday's Children and called them.

“They formed after a horrific mass tragedy and 12 years later are still supporting those impacted so I knew they must be doing something right,” she continued. “I knew we needed to have something similar to offer locally for the years to come."

RCN will offer a variety of community outreach programs, services, and events designed to help those suffering from trauma to recover and move forward with their lives in a positive way. Through staff, and volunteerism efforts, RCN hopes to empower the residents of Newtown and surrounding areas to help one another, and restore a sense of emotional well-being into the community. The organization will provide discreet and confidential therapeutic assistance, referral services, educational seminars, mentorship programs and outreach events of various kinds.

These services, along with the future establishment of a 24-hour support line, are intended to be complimentary, non-duplicative and are designed to support Sandy Hook Elementary School families; all Newtown public and private school teachers and staff members, including bus drivers, extra-curricular activity sponsors, coaches, and instructors; ll Newtown and greater Newtown area first responders, clergy and volunteers; and all Newtown and greater Newtown area residents, families and friends.

RCN is a community's quest for healing: for the community, by the community. The center is located at 153 South Main Street in Newtown. Additional information about the organization, upcoming events, and donations can be found at http:resiliencycenterofnewtown.org/

To learn more about Tuesday’s Children visit http://www.tuesdayschildren.org/

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