NAA Planning December 12 Volunteer Day, Vigil At National Cathedral

Heather Smith, communications director for Newtown Action Alliance (NAA), has announced that the organization hopes to rally support for a vigil in Washington, D.C., sponsored by the NAA sister organization, Newtown Foundation. The trip to Washington is meant to honor “the wants and needs of the Newtown community, as well as to honor the memories of those lost to gun violence at Sandy Hook Elementary School and across America.”

“Unlike our other trips to Washington, D.C., and in order to honor Newtown’s request to not tie political agenda items to the anniversary, we will not be holding lobbying meetings at the Capitol in December,” said Ms Smith. The focus of the December visit to the nation’s Capitol is not only to increase awareness around gun violence, but to “promote kindness and togetherness.”

On Wednesday, December 11, participants will deliver letters and holiday cards, and ask lawmakers to join NAA members and gun violence victims from across the nation, the next day,  in performing acts of kindness and volunteer work in the DC area.

“Hopefully, we’ll be able to help those impacted by the recent Navy Yard Shooting in some way, as well,” said Ms Smith. 

Groups and individuals from as far away as California, Florida, and Chicago are planning to join the December 12 effort.

A National Vigil for Gun Violence Victims is being planned at the National Cathedral. The Newtown Foundation is sponsoring the vigil along with Faiths United Against Gun Violence. The event, according to NAA’s website, will remember not only the victims of 12/14 but also “the 30,000+ lost each year and to pray for hope, peace and love in their honor.”

“Our goal is to ensure that as many others who’ve been impacted by gun violence across America, and who would like to join us in Washington for these events, can do so. Space is limited, as is the availability of financial assistance,” Ms Smith said.

In order to facilitate planning, potential participants are asked to complete an online survey.

Donations to support travel to the vigil can be made at  www.rally.org/vigil. Additional details are available at www.newtownfoundation.org.

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