A Big Reason To Like Summer Break: Big Time Rush!

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James, Logan, Carlos and Kendall — a/k/a/ Big Time Rush — are scheduled to make a very special stop in Newtown, to perform for a few thousand residents at Fairfield Hills, later this month.

While First Selectman Pat Llodra announced last week that the majority of post-12/14 events have already been scheduled and/or announced, she also hinted that there were two special events that were still coming while students and families were enjoying summer break.

Get out your markers and poster board, young adults of Newtown. It’s time to make some concert posters: Nickelodeon is bringing Big Time Rush to Newtown for a free concert on Monday, July 22.

James, Logan, Carlos and Kendall will be performing for a few thousand residents on the Fairfield Hills campus. The concert will begin at 7 pm, gates will open at 4 pm, and tickets will be available beginning at noon Friday, July 5.

Tickets will be available through www.HealingNewtown.org; residents will be asked to download a special form that will be posted that day. Follow instructions, and then plan to welcome the quartet — and a special guest, yet to be announced — for the special event in just a couple of weeks. 

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Newtown Big Time Rush (BTR) Concert

Newtown is very excited to welcome BTR to ur town! This is a wonderful opportunity for younger members of our community who may not have had the opportunity to participate in other events.

Please note this event is for Newtown residents. Ticket requests as well as ticket pick up will have to show proof of current residency in Newtown. The aim from the Big Time Rush group is to be a part of our community healing, we hope that non residents will respect this request.


i live in Torrington and i was wondering if people in other towns of CT could go? please answer :)

is anyone allowed to go? i

is anyone allowed to go? i know a few people who love Big Time Rush and they do not live in Newtown.

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