Edgar Beers’ Gift

To the Editor:

Last week’s Bee carried the obituary of Edgar Beers, an active and long-time supporter of many Newtown organizations. 

I had the privilege of serving with Edgar on the Edmond Town Hall Board of Managers and, what few people know, is that shortly before his retirement, he made an important gift to the Edmond Town Hall. There was little fanfare about the gift except for a mention in the minutes and a letter of appreciation sent to him by the board and excerpted below:

“In addition, your affection for this building was also made most evident in your personal donation of monies to preserve and protect the one-of-a-kind photographs which record the actual construction of the building. The board and the people of Newtown are indeed fortunate to have this valuable photographic record of Mary Hawley’s  gift to us.

“At the March 14, 2006 board meeting, it was unanimously voted that this collection of photographs, made possible by your generous donation, shall henceforth be officially named The Edgar Beers Collection.  We hope                that in some small way, this will reflect the appreciation of the board for your years of service, your generosity, and your clear affection for this beautiful building. “

The next time you enjoy a $2 movie, you might want to look for these wonderful photographs left to us by Edgar Beers.

Yours truly,

Sandra R. Motyka

Kent Road, Newtown            August 5, 2014

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