An Opportunity To Solarize

To the Editor:

Cable, electric, and gas prices all go up and what choice do you have? Little to none? The opportunity exists right now here in Newtown to significantly change that, which my wife and I have done.

We signed up for a solar panel installation with Astrum Solar as a part of their ongoing effort to solarize Newtown. There are cost savings available through February 11th for those that sign up before then as well as federal tax credits.

My system will pay for itself in less than seven years and is guaranteed for 20, that is 13 years of virtually free electricity. That means my family’s carbon foot print just became that much smaller, it is one less utility bill to pay now and that much less oil to import.

I chose American made panels that support our country and our industry. I am excited that the technology has reached the point where it can be used by the average homeowner and help me be that little bit more independent from the high-priced utilities we pay for everyday, and I suggest you take this unique opportunity to look into if it is the right answer for you.

Together we can take our town and our country one step further down the path of energy independence as well help ourselves in the process.

Eric and Claudia Vignola

2 Overlook Drive, Newtown             January 19, 2014

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