‘Yes’ Shows Newtown To Be United And Committed

To the Editor:

The upcoming referendum on October 5th is not just about the Sandy Hook School community.  It is a referendum with an outcome that has an impact on every family in our town.  We are writing to urge you, our neighbors, to vote Yes to the October 5th Referendum to accept the $49,250,000 grant from the State of Connecticut to rebuild Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Recently, the Middle Gate School PTA voted to advocate for a Yes vote.  Why would we take this action?  As parents of students at Middle Gate School, we know that our children's educational future is at stake. We understand that the rebuilding of Sandy Hook School is critical to the educational future of all of Newtown's children.   

We must accept this generous gift from the state to ensure that we can continue to provide an environment that is conducive to learning; an environment that is not over-crowded, in buildings that are not over-burdened, with educators who are not over-extended. 

On October 5th, we have an incredible opportunity and the world is watching. A Yes vote is not just a vote to accept this generous gift, it is a vote with far more meaning.    A Yes vote shows the world that we are a community united. A Yes vote shows our children that we are committed to their future. A Yes vote shows our neighbors and friends in Sandy Hook that we stand with them, shoulder to shoulder and heart to heart.


Rebekah Harriman-Stites

on behalf of

The Middle Gate School PTA Executive Board

6 Little Brook Lane, Newtown                    September 30, 2013

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