Shoulda Coulda Woulda

To the Editor:

You shoulda embraced autism. You coulda fostered that innocence and purity. You woulda been warmed by it and at peace.

You shoulda contacted some organizations, they coulda taught you, and maybe he woulda been a contributing citizen.

Maybe you shoulda tried horseback riding instead, he coulda bonded with the animals, and woulda learned about love.

He shoulda had a job in town, he coulda met some great people, who woulda befriended him.

You shoulda stayed home at night. You coulda played board games instead. He probably woulda loved the simplicity.

You shoulda opened the blinds down there.  He coulda had Seasonal Affective Disorder, and woulda benefited from the sunlight on his face.

You shoulda reached out. You coulda found us, and we woulda been there for you.

Corinne Hagerman

Mother, teacher, and proud aunt of a child with autism

22 Clearview Drive, Newtown                    April 8. 2013

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