Financial Collapse Is Near

To the Editor,                                          

Thank you Mr Barresi for your letter “Attacking The Second Amendment,”  a fine job explaining to the fruit cake crowd why our framers were so adamant about including the Second Amendment in the bill of rights. You are quite correct that the liberal left, and might I add the Bush Administration, have spent our country into financial Armageddon. We are currently 90 trillion dollars in debt including Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, all local, state, and federal pensions and health care costs. This shortfall equates to: $195,140 for every person living in the US; $513,380 for every household in the US.

That has to be paid back, but of course it cannot. So when the whole system collapses in a United States default, when there are riots in the streets, and we’re nine absent meals away from anarchy, the likes of Mr Luzzi will come begging for protection against the mobs and or a tyrannical oppressive government. I won’t throw him a “life jacket.” I reserve those for family and friends. Just imagine when there will be no money for Social Security checks, Medicare payments, educators’ pensions and health care cost, and all government pay checks and pension payments, etc. Do you think our civil society will be put to the test? Will there be just a few riots? Do you think this is black helicopter rhetoric?

Just watch the European nations and in particular Greece, that country will collapse first. If it were not for EU bailouts, we’d see anarchy from across the pond and our own impending future on our televisions nightly. But bailouts just prolong the inevitable. The baby boomers have had it quite good over their lives and they’re about to experience a not-too-pleasant future.

This is why the framers, in their infinite wisdom, demanded the right to bear arms. We went off the gold standard (unconstitutional) resulting in the debasing of our currency. We cannot defy the laws of economics no more than we can defy the laws of physics. Our own Congressional Budget Office warns repeatedly that the current debt is unsustainable.  Can you answer me this; why is the Fed Chairman printing 85 billion dollars a month to buy our own US bonds? Why has he amassed four trillion dollars on the Fed’s balance sheet? This has never been done in our history. If you can’t answer those questions then you really don’t know what is about to occur. The Fed is scared to death of an impending debt implosion!

No, this is not “diatribe,” or fear mongering, or being mean spirited, or arguing Whigs and Tories about our Second Amendment rights. The only question is when it will all end. Paul Ryan puts it at three years. The financial collapse tsunami is building and it’s headed right towards us. Strap on that life jacket, you’re going to need it.

Nicholas Barzetti

55 Flat Swamp Road, Newtown                                                                     March 18, 2013

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Your Welcome

Thanks to you as well Mr. Barzetti! We have a very tough road a head!

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