Club Does Good Things For The Community

To the Editor:

I am not a flag-waving Second Amendment guy. I am a 72-year-old NRA Life Member and member of the Fairfield County Fish and Game Protective Association, located in Newtown and Monroe. As an aftermath of the Newtown shootings, you folks in Newtown are really fired up (understandably) and looking to impact shooting at our facility.

Our club has been in existence since 1907. You may not be in favor of guns and shooting, but I would like to emphasize some of the good things that we do for our community. We annually host Connecticut State Hunter Safety Programs for youngsters and adults, we conduct firearms safety and permit programs with the emphasis on safety, we have supervised, youth target shooting competition (the parents must attend with the child).

We host annual National Hunting and Fishing Day events open to the public for parents and children. We host annual state and national shooting competitions that bring in competitors from around the state and across the country. These competitors stay in our hotels and spend money in our local restaurants.

Training…education…families…competition…gun safety…that is what we do.

Our members and guests do not abuse existing gun laws…we abide by them.

When considering new legislation to prevent horrible crimes, please consider my gun club and the good things that we do for the folks in our community.

Thanks for listening to me.

Geoffrey W. Turner

129 Ida Avenue, Derby              March 6, 2013

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